• Chris Alexander


"PSYCHO SIDESHOW: DEMON FREAKS Trailer Revealed! Super Sale Starts This Week!"

As we get deeper into the holiday season, Full Moon has yet another entry in our head-spinning series BUNKER OF BLOOD and this one is guaranteed to make you pitch a tent! Join us as we open the bunker's rusty doors once more for this fifth and freakiest installment. And when we say freakiest...we really mean it!

PSYCHO SIDESHOW: DEMON FREAKS takes you deep into a three-ring circus of shock, blasting out a caustic cauldron of clips from such classic Full Moon favorites as LURKING FEAR, DARK ANGEL, SEED PEOPLE, SHRIEKER, THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING and - of course - CASTLE FREAK and frames them with an all new animated narrative. This time, "The Gore Collector" winds his way into a terrifying amusement park from Hell known as the "Karnage Kingdom". And while the crazed carnival coats our characters in bloody horror, our tour guide "Molly" seems to have a method to the madness. What lies beyond this nightmarish wonderland? Tune in to find out!

Like all entries in the FULL MOON'S BUNKER OF BLOOD series, PSYCHO SIDESHOW: DEMON FREAKS contains the grisliest, goriest moments from Full Moon's famous lurid library. Jump back into the bunker if you dare! The Gore Collector awaits!

Check out the sizzling and shocking trailer at the base of this page! It's alive! Alive!

And while we have you captives, don't for get that our "Ho Ho Holy S**t Christmas Super Sale is starts THIS WEEK!

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Freaks, geeks, sex and gore are all in store for you, Full Moon faithful! Dig in!