• Chris Alexander


Updated: Oct 8, 2018

"Alien Turtles, Diminutive Dinos and Vintage Sex!"


Life is short and we at Full Moon have long aimed to fill-in as many of its often aimless spaces with as much awesomeness as humanly (and in-humanly) possible! From making crazy movies to sculpting weird and wonderful toys and madcap merchandise to digging up strange cinema from around the globe and dragging it to your doorstep.

It's our MISSION to entertain you and make your lives just a bit more amazing. Think of Full Moon as a kind of virtual traveling sideshow that literally never sleeps. It just keeps rolling and rolling, from town to town, dazzling the pundits with the Greatest Show and Earth.

On that Big-Top tip, our founder and fearless leader - producer, director and creative gadfly Charles Band - is kind of like a celluloid-centric P.T. Barnum and he's always cooking up cool ways to reinvent the wheel. And often, said wheel is one he invented in the first place!

Take Band's 1978 cult classic oddity LASERBLAST: a low-budget mash-up of STAR WARS, BUCK ROGERS, I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF and basically every other strange entertainment you can think of. The flick features strong supporting turns from Hollywood legends Roddy McDowall (PLANET OF THE APES) and Keenan Wynn (KISS ME KATE) but perhaps its most memorable element is FX master David Allen's bizarre and cool stop-motion "turtle-neck" alien bounty hunter creatures, awesome beasts that blabber away in a chirpy language while deftly piloting their spaceship above the Southern California desert in search of a lost laser gun.

Now, a few months back Full Moon unleashed a batch of pint-sized "Blade" (the alabaster-faced puppet assassin from our PUPPET MASTER franchise) figurines in a cool vintage blister pack. We have been selling these individually at our store and at conventions, BUT we also stuck them inside our super-limited edition VINTAGE VHS COLLECTION release of the first PUPPET MASTER film. That cooler-than-cool set featured a classic "Big Box" case with a Blu-ray, DVD and the figure packed inside. Fans went loco for it and rightfully so. It's AWESOME.

We've NOW done the same deal with LASERBLAST's alien and you can either grab this bad boy alone from our store (it's available June 5th, 2018) or hang tight and wait for us pump out the next VINTAGE VHS COLLECTION edition which will be - you guessed it - LASERBLAST! Yow! And yessir, that mini-alien will be hiding inside that pretty package too.

Speaking of David Allen - who passed away in 1999 and is still sorely missed by his friends and fans - he was a huge deal in the Full Moon world and provided SO many of our major movies with fantastical stop-motion magic, from PUPPET MASTER to SUBSPECIES to...PREHYSTERIA!


In the early 1990's, Band decided to parlay the wild success Full Moon was having on the home video rental circuit to create a line of films that were aimed at families, movies that kids and parents could enjoy together.

And in 1993, just on the cusp of the release of a MAJOR dinosaur epic - JURASSIC PARK - Full Moon's "Moonbeam Entertainment" was born, with the release of its first and probably most important picture, PREHYSTERIA!

The movie - which sees a child befriend a tiny pack of dinos, all realized by Allen - was a HUGE success and spawned two equally popular sequels. But for years, the movie has sat in a vault, with fans clamoring for a proper release on contemporary digital, high-definition mediums.

Well, we've done it! This Fall, Full Moon will be releasing PREHYSTERIA on Blu-ray, TOTALLY remastered and chock-full-of extras! Check out the NEW trailer we put together here!

And if that gets you and your kids - or maybe just the kid in you - excited, buckle-in because we will be releasing a whole MESS of Moonbeam Entertainment classics over the next year! The fans speak..and we listen.

Now, on the OTHER end of the spectrum, Full Moon has also been pounding out an endless wave of movies made for GROWN-UPS.

Seriously, make sure the kids are in bed (or better yet, out of town!) when you enjoy our latest pack of acquisitions from the world of Eurosmut producer Erwin C. Dietrich, the iconic exploitation filmmaker who produced all the movies in our bestselling "Jess Franco Collection" DVD's that are now available in our store and who made tons of other amazing, adult comedies, thrillers and horror movies. We JUST released some of Dietrich's craziest and most obscure films like THE YOUNG SEDUCERS, ROLLS ROYCE BABY, THE WOMEN OF INFERNO ISLAND and SWEDISH GAS PUMP GIRLS, all on remastered DVD and all of which are also available to stream via our own channel Full Moon Streaming and our Amazon channels. Also nestled within that trashy pack sits a new pick-up from France's Eurocine studios, the people who we pulled some of our most popular movies from our Wizard Video VHS days in the 1980s. This carnal classic is called OASIS OF THE LOST GIRLS and it's a humdinger of naughty behavior. Dig in if you dare!

Speaking of sex (again, cover junior's ears), did you know Full Moon has their very own erotica channel?

We opened the doors to the Exotic Movie House last month and already fans of elegant fornicating on film are flocking to it. The name of the game here is classic , contemporary and original erotic cinema and short subjects designed for couples and curious singles, streamed direct to you, 24 hours a day, totally uncut. Classy and super-sexy entertainment for discerning debaucherists everywhere. Subscribe today and get up in that!

Readers and FM fans, we've only tipped the iceberg on what wickedness is coming this year from Full Moon. Next week, we'll rave about what you'll find in the pages of the upcoming DELIRIUM magazine #17 as well as some of the new titles we've licensed from William (MANIAC) Lustig's beloved BLUE UNDERGROUND library and the RETURN of one of this writer's all-time favorite Charles Band's classics, a movie we're re-releasing in a faithful reproduction of the way in which MOST of you remember seeing it.

What movie is that, you're asking?

Tune in next week Full Moon fiends, all will be revealed and more besides!

Stay sick!