• Chris Alexander


Full Moon Features makes The Guardian's list of Best Streaming Channels!

Full Moon Features continues to grow, adding new classic and original content to our channel and app every single week. For fans of strange cinema, it offers a real bang for the bloody buck, with many films you simply cannot find anywhere else.

This past weekend, The Guardian - one of the UK's biggest and longest running newspapers - published an article citing the most important streaming channels around that aren't Netflix or Prime. Sitting squarely beside The Criterion Channel and SHUDDER, The Guardian places Full Moon Features prominently.

Here's what they had to say:

"For adventurous movie lovers who want to dive even deeper into cinematic esoterica, there’s Full Moon Features, which offers a mind-melting selection of horror, exploitation and all other manner of cult and trash classics. Bolstered by their partnership with several boutique distributors such as Something Weird and Blue Underground, Full Moon Features is probably the closest streaming has come to replicating the experience of the grindhouse. The only thing they can’t provide are the sticky floors, though depending on how quarantine has affected your standard of housekeeping, you may already have those."

Read the full feature here.

What The Guardian doesn't mention is that if you sign up for a full year membership now (or, if you are an existing subscriber, you can gift one), we will send you a brand new 12-disc PUPPET MASTER box set absolutely FREE! That's a $120 value tacked onto the already endless amount of movies you'll receive for your annual subscription. We're the only service that offers anything CLOSE to a deal like this.

Take The Guardian's advice and explore the world of Full Moon Features today!