• Chris Alexander


If you thought TIGER KING was crazy, wait until you see what Full Moon is doing to it!

While Hollywood pauses in the face of the pandemic, HollyWEIRD is thriving and Full Moon is in full-force, doubling down and launching production on our riotous comedy adventure spoof BARBIE AND KENDRA SAVE THE TIGER KING!

Barbie (Cody Renee Cameron) and Kendra (Robin Sydney), the heroines from Full Moon's alternately acclaimed and reviled satire CORONA ZOMBIES, return, still trapped in their quarantine Hell and this time, fixating on a ludicrous reality show centered on the notorious "Tiger King" himself, Joe Exotic. The ditsy American beauties hatch the perfect plan to save the flamboyant - and incarcerated - madman from a fate worse than Carole Baskin and in the process face-down head-spinning jungle adventure while welcoming a SURPRISE guest star into their fold. That's RIGHT! Full Moon has an INSANE casting announcement to make next week about this crazy little film so STAY TUNED. Fans of the TIGER KING series will be THRILLED!

BARBIE AND KENDRA SAVE THE TIGER KING is in production NOW and will be released exclusively on the Full Moon Features channel and app on May 15th. At Full Moon, we do NOT mess around!

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This lockdown will end eventually, but in the meantime, have some fun with Full Moon!