• Chris Alexander


CORONA ZOMBIES is a controversial smash! More madness to come!

Full Moon's riotous satirical comedy CORONA ZOMBIES was released exclusively to the Full Moon Features channel and app last Friday and fans and -surprisingly - critics, have been eating it up!

Britain's daily newspaper The Guardian says " It’s a perfect reaction piece. Schlocky, tongue-in-cheek, over the top. It exists to undermine the thing that we’re all scared of. " Film Threat calls the movie "Hilarious satire! I can't tell you enough how funny it is. I would liken the quality of humor to WHAT'S UP, TIGER LILY? but also a good episode of MST3K!" gives it "9/10 rolls of TP" and says "Awesome! You gotta see is the film we need right now." Sinister Cinema said "This has no right to be as entertaining as it is. Is it any good? Yes, it fucking is! It's hilarious! " Noted exploitation movie critic Art Ettinger says the movie is "Way better than you'd expect, with several laugh out loud moments. Exploitation cinema lives!" Letterboxd critic PD187 calls it "A post-modern masterpiece!" Horror Syndicate calls it a "hysterical satire...I was cracking up!" Of course, an exploitation movie this topical and irreverent is bound to ruffle some feathers and not every pundit has fallen under its silly, splattery spell. John Squires, editor-in-chief of Bloody Disgusting calls it "Gross shit..perpetuates the image of horror fans being unsavory characters. We can do better." Crooked Marquee calls it "Perfunctory and sad. Instead of helping people cope with the horrors of the real world, it just adds to them." Letterboxed critic CHUD 3D calls it "Pathetic." Horror Breakdown says "You should probably only watch while you're drinking." Still, for what it's worth, CORONA ZOMBIES - the first feature film about a pandemic MADE during a pandemic - has hit a cultural nerve. Not bad for a picture that, from idea to execution to premiere took only 28 days to come to life! 

Creepy/cool dollmaker Tales from the Stitch (@thestitchkeeper) created custom CORONA ZOMBIES dolls and hosted a watch party, while celebrated horror baker Kaci Hanson (aka The Homicidal Homemaker) even created her own custom CORONA ZOMBIES toilet paper nutella rolls recipe. With the world still locked down and the virus still affecting each and every one of us to varying degrees, fans are looking for some release and distraction. Love it or loathe it, CORONA ZOMBIES is providing just that. And it's not over yet! With the entire Full Moon staff themselves under quarantine, we've already come up with an even more deranged sister sequel to CORONA ZOMBIES that we will be announcing THIS WEEK, a film that will be 100% produced in self-isolation and once more attack current social and cultural trends and taboos. Stay tuned! Did you watch CORONA ZOMBIES? Did you love it? Hate it? Hit the Full Moon Facebook and Twitter pages and sound off! We wanna hear from you!