• Chris Alexander



Full Moon Comix's critically acclaimed line of DEADLY TEN PRESENTS comics continues to release intense and inventive companion stories to our ongoing DEADLY TEN film series, with variant covers and limited edition R-rated alternate covers that are EXCLUSIVE to

Next up from DEADLY TEN PRESENTS is unleashing its most twisted adventure yet, a berserk, perverse and awesome revisit to the deranged Stackpool clan and their dirty deeds in the gonzo comic adventure BRIDE OF THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY.

Releasing today to comic stores everywhere and, BRIDE OF THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY” tells the tale of everyone's favorite mega-cranial maniac Myron Stackpool and his big wedding day! Myron is ready to tie the knot to equally huge-headed Eugenia, but something in the universe has shifted! Now his brother Wheeler is taking a trip through alternate timelines - each one showing a different version of his entire freakish family! Discover their ultimate fate, as we ready for the biggest wedding of the century!

BRIDE OF THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY "Cover A" features art cover by up-and-coming art superstar Ismael Canales. This cover features the two big-noggin lovebirds themselves, Myron and Eugenia, dressed to a tee in their wedding outfits - under a bloody terrace of flowers!

"Cover B" is the next of the highly collectible variant Full Moon Product Covers, displaying an "ad" for costumes of Myron for little kids - and Eugenia for sexy moms! 'Product 06' cover is illustrated by Screaming Soup's own Dan Fowler!

"Cover C" is the EXTREMELY LIMITED variant cover by ZOMBIE TRAMP creator and fan favorite artist Dan Mendoza, featuring a highly-stylized Myron being leaned on by a highly-sexualized Ernestina! Limited to only 250 copies and ONLY available through Full Moon Direct, get your sweaty hands on one of the hottest books out there while you CAN! And "Cover D" features that same Mendoza art...with a completely NUDE Ernestina! This variant cover is limited to only 250 copies each and ONLY available through Full Moon Direct. These ones will sell out FAST!

All four covers are on sale NOW at, with covers A and B also available at the finest comic book shops on the planet earth. Grab one - and catch up on ALL the awesome DEADLY TEN PRESENTS comics - today!