• Chris Alexander


Updated: Oct 8, 2018

"The Legacy of David Allen and Flashback Weekend Exclusives!"

Hot off the heels of our appearance last week at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, we're super-duper stoked to announce that we WILL be vending and hanging out at Chicago's fabulous Flashback Weekend in a few days! The show runs this weekend, from August 3-5 in the Windy City and we'll be bringing our tidal wave of wicked wares, including the first Full Moon Comix release DOLLMAN KILLS THE FULL MOON UNIVERSE #1, the just released DELIRIUM #17, new PARASITE retro VHS tapes, a selection of our stunning Tom Devlin's 1313FX Puppet Master scale replicas, stacks of killer Blu-ray and DVD deals and those sexy new Phantasma Collectibles vinyl Puppet Master figures we JUST released last week (check out last week's Newsflash for all the details on those GORE-geous dolls) and much, much more!

Amidst the tsunami of stuff we'll be shucking, our Lord and Strange Savior Charles Band will also be hanging out, not just to meet the fans...but to unveil what just might be the most EXCITING and IMPORTANT feature film development in recent Full Moon history. 

But first, a bit of backstory...

The year was 1994. Full Moon founder Charles Band and legendary stop-motion animation effects artist David Allen set out to make what would be the biggest and most ambitious Full Moon movie to date. A long in development passion project of Allen's that was shot in Romania with a large cast and larger than life sets.

Band and Allen planned for a long post-production period in which Allen would create hundreds of intricately designed and animated effects shots. But when Allen fell ill and passed away in 1999, the highly anticipated film sat unfinished, with Full Moon fans all over the world wondering if they would ever be able to see Allen's now-mythical magnum opus.

That time has come.

On Saturday, August 4th at 1:30 PM SHARP, live at Flashback Weekend, Band will unleash a sneak peek at an EXCLUSIVE highlight reel for this long-in-the-vault stop-motion animation magnum opus, which will FINALLY be completed and released in 2019!

What is the film, you ask?

We're not saying another word. You'll have to BE at the show to find out!

Speaking of the late, great David Allen, the very first project Band and Allen (like Burns and Allen, but better) collaborated on was 1978's gonzo sci-fi fantasy epic LASERBLAST and, despite the sneering of critics, that movie has become one of Full Moon's most beloved and talked about titles. Following in the retro footsteps of our first ever "Vintage VHS Collection" box set release with PUPPET MASTER earlier this year, we also recently unleashed the LASERBLAST "Vintage VHS Collection" set - which contains a Blu-ray, DVD and replica David Allen "turtle-neck" alien action figure - to great acclaim and we actually SOLD OUT the first day at Comic-Con. We'll have some of these signed and numbered beauties on-hand at Flashback Weekend too and we don't expect them to last either. So, get there early!

Now, if you are NOT coming to the show, don't fret! We'll be listing these amazing LASERBLAST "Big Box" sets at Full Moon Direct on Wednesday, August 1st! Supplies will crazy limited so dive in when you can!

See you in Chicago!


August 3-5, 2018

Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare - Rosemont, IL 60018