• Chris Alexander


EXCLUSIVE! Full Moon Features presents the NOTORIOUS films of Jörg Buttgereit! UNCUT! UNCENSORED!

In the annals of horror and exploitation, few names have been spoken about with more notoriety than German transgressive filmmaker Jörg Buttgereit. The dangerous mind behind some of the most horrific and perverse shockers in cinema history is also one of the most misunderstood. Each and every one of his pictures functions not only as Grand Guignol sex and death-fests, but as scrappy, rough and witty black comedies and social commentaries, making Buttgereit's vision not only the toast of extreme horror fans around the world, but the darling of more forward-thinking film critics who see beyond the movie's spurting fluids, putrescent rot and general stomach-churning sheen.

But regardless of their acclaim, many of Buttgereit's most important pictures remain banned and verboten, with few modern mainstream streaming platforms daring to touch them. But Full Moon has 'em! Full Moon Features is THRILLED to have partnered with European imprint Cult Epics and acquired the rights to stream Jörg Buttgereit's Unholy Quartet of sickeningly smart German horror shockers as an exclusive addition to our channel and app! Vulgar, shocking and stylish gems like DER TODESKING (THE DEATH KING), SCHRAMM and of course, the immortal and wildly revolting NEKROMANTIK and the even wilder sequel NEKROMANTIK 2, all of them insane and all of them amazing.

Despite the age of these pictures and their global attention, their unsparing nature has left horror fans polarized. Full Moon Features is PROUD to be presenting these disturbing pictures to hardcore fans and fans-to-be. So get ready! The Jörg Buttgereit collection is coming SOON to Full Moon Features! Subscribe today to be the first ones in line to witness some of the sickest and shocking cult flicks ever! Go to or download our app from virtually any digital platform and device. Stay tuned for more deranged details!