• Chris Alexander


Updated: Dec 19, 2019

KILLJOY carves out a space on Full Moon Features and our EVIL sale rages on!

Full Moon Features is bringing joy to our subscribers this season...KILLJOY, that is! Full Moon's infamous franchise starring the malevolent murder clown Killjoy is already 5 pictures deep, and while we already have the final (to date) three films in the series (all directed by BLADE: THE IRON CROSS' John Lechago) up on the channel. we're now giving the films their OWN category AND dragging forth from Hell the first two films to join Lechago's over-the-top trio.

The first KILLJOY film was released in 2002, an attempt to ride the wave of a revived interest in neo-blaxploitation cinema, a form of socio-political urban genre movies that were popular in the 1970s (think BLACULA, SHAFT and DOLEMITE). The picture was directed by Craig Ross and stars Angel Vargas as the titular greaspainted fiend, while series mainstay Trent Haaga took over the role for director Tammi Sutton's sequel KILLJOY 2: DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL. Both films are fascinating prototypes laying the groundwork for the wild ways in which Lechago and Haaga would steer the character and his cronies for their run in KILLJOY 3,KILLJOY GOES TO HELL and KILLJOY'S PSYCHO CIRCUS. And now you can watch them ALL on Full Moon Features! Subscribe via and on almost any digital platform, app store and Smart TV.

ALSO! Full Moon's NEW YEAR'S EVIL sale is in full pendulum swing! Running until January 3rd, this awesome sales sees us marking down all DVDs to $7.95 and all Blu-ray's to $14.95, offering NEW merchandise - liker our sexy Full Moon beanie hats and collector's pins and new Puppet Master box sets and more. We're skimming 15% off the price of all of our beautiful new FM replicas, offering FULL SETS of our DELIRIUM magazine at a rock-bottom price, bobbleheds will be blown out, signed VHS will be sent to you for next to nuthin. And don't get us started on our wacky DOOR CRASHER deals!

Plus everyone who purchases a full year membership to our Full Moon Features channel and app gets a handsome Full Moon hoodie absolutely FREE!

So tune in EVERY DAY until December 27th to and grab as many deals as you can. Full Moon's NEW YEARS EVIL sale is primed and ready to roll out the barrel with decade-closing deal like you've never seen before! Excelsior!