• Chris Alexander


Comic book legends, freaky new features and more on the awesome new Full Moon Features!

Full Moon Features, our exciting, content-packed channel and app, continues to amass one of the coolest, creepiest and cultiest film libraries around, with exclusive content like our new DEADLY TEN series of feature films, hundreds of UNCUT erotica and dark fantasy genre movies from legends like Andy Sidaris and Jess Franco, as well as the entire, decades-spanning Full Moon catalog.

Last week we added some exclusive content that serves as a special treat for serious comic book fans. Some years back, our founding father (and ardent comic book fanatic) Charles Band befriended Marvel Comics legends Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Kirby and Band even worked closely together to develop what was planned to be two comic-oriented projects, one being DOCTOR MORTALIS, the other called MIND MASTER, neither of which came to pass. But during this period, Band managed to get an amazing, in-depth interview feature done with Kirby, the likes of which has never been shared with anyone before. Around the same time, Band asked Stan to be on a show Full Moon was producing hosted by STAR TREK legend William Shatner, with Captain Kirk interviewing Lee about his life and times making all-things Marvel.

Now, Full Moon has pulled BOTH of these remarkable "lost" interview pieces out from the vaults and is presenting them EXCLUSIVELY on Full Moon Features. For those of you that have already subscribed to Full Moon Features, we hope you enjoy these interviews. For those of you haven't, it's easy and fast to sign up, whether it be via or by purchasing on most digital platforms and app stores, as well as smart TVs and more.

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