• Chris Alexander


NECROPOLIS: LEGION arrives on Amazon Prime TODAY!

The second DEADLY TEN feature film, Chris Alexander's NECROPOLIS:LEGION premieres TODAY on Full Moon's AMAZON PRIME channel, following and last week's sneak peek premiere on the Full Moon Features channel and app.

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In case you haven't seen NECROPOLIS: LEGION yet, here's the sanguinary skinny: After her enraged husband (Joseph Lopez) executes her, the vampire witch Eva (Ali Chappell) is banished to the netherworld. A century later, occult writer Lisa (Augie Duke) moves into the house where Eva once walked and is immediately plagued by perverse visions, as Eva's vengeful spirit violently takes over the girl's mind, body and soul. NECROPOLIS: LEGION is a surreal, stylish shocker that legendary Italian director Lamberto Bava (DEMONS, A BLADE IN THE DARK) says "feels new, but still reminiscent of classic Italian horror."

Horror Society says "NECROPOLIS: LEGION is an absolutely gorgeous film that relies on story and content rather than gore and violence."

Tuesday Night Cigar Club says "NECROPOLIS: LEGION has a sensually arresting atmosphere that kept my eyes glued."

Creepy Lovely says “The film is beautifully shot, looks fantastic, and has killer practical effects.”

Adventures in Poor Taste says “Prosthetic boobs with teeth dripping blood, the use of latex as Eva’s hand is emerging from the blood-soaked floor, this is what more films need today, and I loved every effect.”

Horror Fuel says "Filled with comely babes, fever-dream logic and imagery, gorgeous lighting that is at times reminiscent of a Basil Gogos painting brought to life, and gobs of grizzly gore!”

And, BRAIN MUTANT says NECROPOLIS: LEGION is Colorful, bloody, theatrical and beautifully grandiose in its old-school Gothic flavoring."

Watch NECROPOLIS: LEGION this week and let us know YOUR thoughts.

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