• Chris Alexander


Wrap yourself in a horrific FM hoodie! Our Halloween Sale continues! WEEDJIES! rules and NECROPOLIS is coming!

Hit the streets with Full Moon fashion this season with our sexy new FM hoodie! As part of our currently happening Halloween Super Sale (running until noon PST, 11/4), Full Moon has introduced this latest addition to our store, a high quality cotton hoodie, available in all sizes, emblazoned with the classic FM logo so you can tell the world that you're a member of the Full Moon family for LIFE!

And, as a special deal we're offering RIGHT NOW, we will give you one of these BADASS Full Moon hoodies for FREE if you subscribe NOW for a FULL YEAR Full Moon Features membership! For just $59.95, you'll get a year of streaming our hundreds-deep cult movie library (including the world premieres of our DEADLY TEN feature films!) plus one of these limited edition hoodies. That's literally only TWELVE dollars more than a hoodie by itself. Now you can watch endless streaming feature film entertainment all year...and look AWESOME while doing it!

Speaking of that Halloween Super sale, it is indeed still raging, with a wealth of wicked Blu-rays, DVDs, magazines, comics, toys, apparel and more slashed down to deliriously low prices. Screaming to a halt on 11/4 at noon PST, Full Moon's Halloween Sale is giving our fans the real deals and here's but a sample of what savings await:

All DVDs: $6.00

All Blu-rays: $11.00

Replicas: $135.00

Our Award-Winning PUPPET MASTER Trunk Box Set: $180.00 Vintage VHS Collection: $27.00

Get to now get ready for some seriously spooky savings while they last!

Hey! Have you watched the first feature film from our much-hyped DEADLY TEN cinema series, director Danny Draven's rowdy monster comedy WEEDJIES! HALLOWEED NIGHT yet? This outrageous monster comedy has hit a HIGH note with fans and is a HIT with the critics! calls WEEDJIES! "absurdly entertaining...bright and colorful!" says "WEEDJIES! delivers! It's a great, big party of a movie, chock full of effects and goofy humor!" beams that WEEDJIES! is a "zany nod to stoners, horror and the GHOULIES!"

WEEDJIES! is streaming EXCLUSIVELY on our Amazon Prime Premium Channel and the new Full Moon Features app NOW. Then, on November 18th, Chris Alexander's Gothic horror head-trip NECROPOLIS: LEGION will premiere followed by the 12th (whew!) PUPPET MASTER movie, John Lechago's BLADE: THE IRON CROSS the following month!

The party never stops here at Full Moon! And it NEVER, EVER WILL!