• Chris Alexander


WEEDJIES! is coming and we've got a shocking new clip!

It's only one more week until Danny Draven's high (and we mean high!) octane supernatural spliff shock-comedy WEEDJIES! HALLOWEED NIGHT has its WORLD PREMIERE on Full Moon Features and Full Moon's Amazon channel! Circle OCTOBER 21st on your cinematic calendar as the day when you can finally see this outrageous future Full Moon classic and to whet your appetite, we're blasting out an exclusive sneak peak clip from the movie today!

Check out this wild WEEDJIES! clip by clicking the photo above and get excited for the first feature from our freaky DEADLY TEN slate!

In other awesome Full Moon news, the 21st issue of DELIRIUM magazine ships this week! We've shaken things up creatively this round, with LA-based photographer, filmmaker and frequent collaborator Ama Lea taking over our pages for a full-blown, 21-gun salute to the '90s horror cinema and culture! Lea is the photographer, designer, artist and filmmaker who has long been creating conceptual covers for the magazine - most notably our Dario Argento, Barbara Crampton and David Cronenberg issues - and before that, as DELIRIUM EIC Chris Alexander's frequent collaborator on many award-nominated covers for FANGORIA magazine.

This is a real-deal limited edition DELIRIUM collectible! Pre-order YOUR COPY today buy going HERE!

Also! A quick reminder that our new, improved and totally awesome Full Moon Features channel is up and running and rocking out a pair of BRAND NEW horror, cult and fantasy films EVERY DAY! We've licensed some of the most incredible vintage shockers ever made and our library is already hundreds of movies deep! Recent titles include Mario Bava's SHOCK, Jose Larraz's erotic classic BLOOD HUNGER (aka VAMPYRES) and the action-packed '70s chiller SUBWAY TO HELL!

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