• Chris Alexander


WEEDJIES! gets a groovy new trailer! Charles Band honored at Sitges!

It's FINALLY here! Full Moon is stoked and toked to present the OFFICIAL trailer for Danny Draven's hotly anticipated Halloween horror comedy WEEDJIES! HALLOWEED NIGHT, the first film from the DEADLY TEN cinema series! Those of you who have followed the live production and ensuing post-production video updates surrounding Draven's magnum weird weed opus are no doubt jonesing for this footage-packed preview and we PROMISE you, it does NOT disappoint! Click the poster above to peruse the wacky, stylish and hilarious trailer now! Share it! Like it! Love it! And watch the FULL FEATURE premiering EXCLUSIVELY on Full Moon Features and Full Moon's Amazon channel on October 21st!

WEEDJIES! is a wacky, weed-choked comedy creeper that nods its slimy, skunky head to the Empire Pictures classic GHOULIES and features a motley crew in the cast including The Howard Stern Show's Richard Christy and Medicated Pete, comedian Ester Goldberg, Instagram model Misty Mason, EVIL BONG franchise veteran Mindy Robinson, Playboy superstar Bridget Marquardt and internet film critic Shawn "Cool Duder" Phillips and many more, all running afoul of FX wizard Tom Devlin's baked beasts "The Weedjies". WEEDJIES! was written by Shane Bitterling and produced by Charles Band.

And get ready because once WEEDJIES! hits, we'll be prepping the next DEADLY TEN flick for release, Chris Alexander's dark-as-pitch paean to possession and perversity, NECROPOLIS: LEGION, featuring a score by the one and only Richard Band (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND) and starring Lynn Lowry (David Cronenberg's SHIVERS). NECROPOLIS: LEGION premieres on November 18th on Full Moon Features and Full Moon's Amazon channel! Visit for more on all 10 films in the D10 slate!

ALSO! A reminder that our new, improved and totally awesome Full Moon Features channel is up and running and rocking out a pair of BRAND NEW horror, cult and fantasy films EVERY DAY! We've licensed some of the most incredible vintage shockers ever made and our library is already hundreds of movies deep!

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PLUS! In case you missed the news, Full Moon's founding father Charles Band was honored at the 2019 Sitges Film Festival in Spain with the coveted "Time Machine Award" for his lifetime service in strange cinema! Band walked the red carpet, engaged in a Q&A with fans and accepted the awesome award - which was previously given to the likes of Greg Nicotero and Vincent Price! - in high style. Congrats Charlie! Here's to another TEN lifetimes making and breaking the rules of indie genre filmmaking!