• Chris Alexander


Full Moon invades Europe! Charles Band to receive Time Machine Award in Sitges!

Full Moon founder and president Charles Band is prepping to make a trip to Europe next month, specifically to visit Germany and Spain, where his work and the legacy of the movies he created will be celebrated.

First up is the 2019 Sitges Film Festival, the most prestigious horror and fantasy film fest in the world, running October 3-13 in beautiful Sitges, Spain. Band will be a guest of the fest, appearing on October 5th for "An Encounter with Charles Band", a live presentation and moderated discussion with an audience Q&A where Band will discuss his almost 50 years making independent fantastic cinema. After the annual Sitges Zombie Walk later that evening, Band will then be presented with the Sitges "Time Machine Award:, for his lifetime achievement in filmmaking. Previous recipients of the award include PHANTASM mastermind Don Coscarelli, FX wizard Greg Nicotero, THE EXORCIST director William Friedkin and Vincent Price. Go to the official Sitges site for more details (

Then, Band and Full Moon travel to Oberhausen, Germany from October 12-13 to attend the House of Horrors festival and convention, joining other guests like DEMONS star Geretta Geretta, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE's Dieter Laser, Laurence Harvey and Ashley C. Williams and DAY OF THE DEAD's Howard Sherman. Go to the official House of Horrors website for full event details.

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