• Chris Alexander


"BLADE: THE IRON CROSS wraps! SUBSPECIES V steadies itself to be shot.

Full Moon is excited to announce that we've just wrapped production on our third DEADLY TEN feature film, director John Lechago's sexy and salacious anti-Nazi stand-alone PUPPET MASTER shocker BLADE: THE IRON CROSS.

Last week, Lechago and his team sculpted scene after scene of vengeful puppet madness, continuing and building upon the universe established in the PUPPET MASTER "Axis" films and locking principal photography in record time, with every second of the adventure streamed LIVE for DEADLY TEN fans!

You can catch up with some of the highlights of BLADE: THE IRON CROSS' breakneck production by watching some of the far-out videos on the DEADLY TEN website (BLADE: THE IRON CROSS).

And while the world waits for BLADE: THE IRON CROSS to crawl out of post-production, veteran director Ted Nicoloau was recently wandering around Albania scouting locations for his DEADLY TEN future-classic, SUBSPECIES V: BLOOD RISE! This fifth freaky revisit to the world of evil vampire king Radu (Anders Hove) goes to camera next month and is a prequel to the original SUBSPECIES film. You can watch that wild and ambitious Gothic shocker shot live on the DEADLY TEN site soon, but in the meantime check out the video below, featuring Ted finding the freakiest spots to shoot this fifth venture into vile vampirism!

And don't forget! The first DEADLY TEN film WEEDJIES premieres on October 21st while the 2nd shocker, NECROPOLIS: LEGION will be unveiled on November 18th!

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