• Chris Alexander


"BLADE: THE IRON CROSS goes to camera LIVE tomorrow!"


It begins.

Slashing forth from the PUPPET MASTER franchise, our number one murderous marionette - nasty Nazi-killer Blade - is getting his OWN movie and you can watch it get made LIVE at

The third spine-tinglng live-streamed production from Full Moon's DEADLY TEN slate, John Lechago's BLADE: THE IRON CROSS goes to camera LIVE on August 20th for six days straight and you will get an UNCUT and UNCENSORED and TOTALLY LIVE look at what goes into making a PUPPET MASTER-piece on the D10 site. PLUS, we'll be popping up non-stop on-the-fly cast and crew videos every day, on all of our social platforms.

BLADE: THE IRON CROSS is the first standalone feature debut of one of its most beloved characters and it ties into the story of PUPPET MASTER: AXIS TERMINATION. The film follows the story of an unspeakable evil that emerges from Blade's past in the form of a murderous Nazi scientist named Dr. Hauser. As Hauser’s heinous crimes are discovered, the psychic war journalist, Elisa Ivanov, awakens the heroic Blade, and together the bloody journey of revenge begins.

BLADE: THE IRON CROSS and all the DEADLY TEN features will premiere and be available on the new Full Moon Features channel, Full Moon's Amazon Prime channel and a wealth of other platforms via the new Full Moon app.

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