• Chris Alexander


Updated: Oct 8, 2018

"Blasting Retro-Lasers, DELIRIUM #17 Pre-Sale and the Importance of Physical Media!"

We're probably preaching to the choir here, but there's a magic to physical media that digital sources - as cool and accessible as they are - simply cannot replace. There's a joy in holding, collecting, observing. A thrill in watching gears spin, to pull things from holsters and place them inside a box of wires and lenses and see things come to life. And when it comes specifically to print media, well, there is just no substitute.

Paper is a sensual experience. The smell of it. The texture. the shade of the ink. The way light bounces off of it. Even the way it ages. It's organic. It's an extension of the very trees that birthed it. These sentiments are coming from us, from Full Moon. From a pack of people who - while embracing the digital age - have made our names by distributing "things". From big, bulky VHS tapes during our pioneering Wizard Video days to our still-thriving lines of high-end toys, dolls, intricately designed box-sets, posters, books, comic books ( check out the newly minted Full Moon Comix here ) and of course, magazines.

The latter item specifically refers to our own in-house magazine, DELIRIUM. DELIRIUM started as simply a magazine made for the serious Full Moon fan, published by our founding father Charles Band and produced by the same creative team - Chris Alexander, Bill Mohalley and Michael Gingold - who were behind the legendary FANGORIA magazine at the time. The first issue featured Band's immortal 1985 classic RE-ANIMATOR and had a gorgeous reproduction of the original Italian promo poster art. Inside there were tons of great interviews with the cast and crew of the film, plus rare uncensored photos. The magazine was NOT a newsstand periodical and thus we had free reign to be as R-rated as we wanted. And we exploited that.

But very quickly the focus shifted from DELIRIUM simply being a Full Moon-centric magazine and instead, we opened it up to wide world of horror, cult, action, melodrama, erotica, sci-fi and well, whatever weirdness tickled our pink. We've long been of the mind that genre cinema is a HUGE table and there's room for every freak and geek to dig-in and that's what DELIRIUM is now, a full-blown freak-out celebration of fringe cinema and pop culture. It's STILL only sold at our shows and via and we print in low batches (under 5K) to make sure that each and every issue is a collectible.

Now, we're not blowing our own horn too hard when we say that - for our money - DELIRIUM is the BEST film magazine on the market. Why? Because we do WHATEVER WE WANT. We are NOT chasing trends or trying to be hip or current or edgy. We just do what we want to do, print what we want to print, shine lights on movies that excite us, that MEAN something to us. We have top talent - from Joe Dante to Tobe Hooper to Gene Simmons to Barbara Crampton to Roger Corman to Tom Holland and beyond - in our pages, we pack it full of posters and pictures and we have the best genre film writers out there scribbling inside. And the covers are stunning, favoring garish painted classic European art that is timeless and eye-popping and lurid.

Our 17th issue is out NEXT WEEK, premiering at the 2018 San Diego comic con and it's NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-SALE HERE. The cover was designed by our legendary house designer Ryan Brookhart, the one-man image-making machine behind virtually every Full Moon release and marketing image for the past two decades. He's a marvel and here, he's taken the original PARASITE theatrical release poster and given our eyeballs the illusion of 3D, with Winston's toothy monster bursting forth from the logo itself. The rest of this soon-to-be-classic cover was put together by DELIRIUM art director and monster magazine legend Bill Mohalley (Famous Monsters, Fangoria). It's a beauty and inside this startling issue, you'll find a slew of PARASITE features, including words with Charles Band, composer Richard Band, stars Luca Bercovici and Cherie Currie as well as other features like Bercovici's own THE GRANNY. a look back at PROM NIGHT III, CIRCUS OF HORROR, 3D horror classics artists Eric Adrian Lee and Jason Newsted and so much more. And we even have an EXCLUSIVE preview of our new Full Moon Comix title DOLLMAN KILLS THE FULL MOON UNIVERSE, with an amazing new 2 page adventure that pits Dollman against the perpetually high Gingerweed Man.

AND the issue ties into the soon-to-be-released retro VHS re-release of PARASITE. More on that HERE

And on the retro-media tip: you DID know that we're re-releasing Band's ridiculously popular 1978 Sci-Fi psychodrama LASERBLAST as the second in our "Vintage VHS Collection" series right?

Well, we are. Check out the picture at the top of this page!

Like the first "Vintage VHS Collection" release - PUPPET MASTER - LASERBLAST will be come in gorgeous "Big Box" VHS case, inside you'll find a Blu-ray (with wild new art!), DVD and a mini-figurine, this one a reproduction of FX master David Allen's iconic "turtle" aliens from the film!

You can grab your copy of THAT stunner HERE.

Now, again, if you ARE coming to Comic-Con this year, make sure you come and see us at our booth. We will be selling the LASERBLAST "Vintage VHS Collection" set as well as the first copies of DELIRIUM #17 plus a pack of back issues and both editor Chris Alexander and publisher Charles Band will be there to sign the mags for free. We are also premiering the DOLLMAN KILLS

THE FULL MOON UNIVERSE #1 comic and we have Full Moon Comix masterminds Shawn Gabborin and Brockton McKinney around to sign and meet the fans PLUS Dollman himself, Tim "Jack Deth" Thomerson hanging with us on Saturday to sign the issues and well, whatever else you want! Tim is THE MAN! All this plus TONS of other amazing products, movies, box-sets and weird, cool stuff will be on sale. And Hell, we'll sign it all! Yow!

And since - like magazines, toys, VHS, DVD and Blu-ray - the Full Moon crew are technically living, breathing "physical media" as well, feel free to touch us, hold us and collect us. We won't mind.