• Chris Alexander


"The new Full Moon Features app is ALIVE! Watch the creepy '70s shocker TERROR CIRCUS now!"

It's here! Full Moon is excited to announce a NEW chapter in their ever-evolving, nearly four-decades and counting history in strange cinema! Get ready for a BRAND NEW channel, the successor to the pioneering feature film streaming service FULL MOON STREAMING, that takes everything fans have come to love about FMS and turns it up to ELEVEN!

Presenting FULL MOON FEATURES, a stem-to-stern revamp and re-imagining of their original channel and the next step in subscription-based genre entertainment, offering more movies, more entertainment, smoother navigation and a much, much wider reach!

Stocked with a wide array of titles culled from the over 500 title-deep Full Moon library (films like PUPPET MASTER, TRANCERS, CASTLE FREAK, SEED PEOPLE, TOURIST TRAP, MANSION OF THE DOOMED, SUBSPECIES and more), plus rare pictures from European labels like Ascot Elite (CALENDAR GIRLS, SWEDISH GAS PUMP GIRLS, the Jess Franco collection) and Eurocine (A VIRGIN FOR ST. TROPEZ, OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES), titles from the iconic Blue Underground imprint (DEEP RED, Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE and NEW YORK RIPPER, MANIAC, DJANGO and more), the Something Weird Video catalog, the Surrender Cinema erotica line and much more, FULL MOON FEATURES is now available on all devices and internet connected televisions.

And best of all, we will be premiering a NEW and EXCITING classic and contemporary film EVERY DAY! Dive in now and check out a real deal rarity with the grimy '70s shocker TERROR CIRCUS (aka BARN OF THE LIVING DEAD), starring the legendary Andrew Prine in a tale of nuclear-charged sex-mutant circus and directed by a young Alan Rudolph!

You can get the new Full Moon Features channel on iOS, Google Play, Amazon Fire Stick, Xbox One, ROKU, Fire TV, Apple TV and all Microsoft devices; literally ANYWHERE you go, you can take FULL MOON FEATURES with you!

And of course, beginning October 18th with the release of WEEDJIES!, you can also now watch ALL the films from Full Moon's much-hyped DEADLY TEN feature film slate, fully uncut on FULL MOON FEATURES!

Download our new awesome app using the store of your choice from the hyperlinks below and follow the easy instructions to sign up today! Within moments, you'll be able to access the totally new and improved Full Moon Features and watch from all of your iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku and Android or Microsoft devices.

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We're EXCITED to show you the new, improved and fully interactive FULL MOON FEATURES channel!