• Chris Alexander


NECROPOLIS: LEGION teaser trailer unleashed! The Full Moon App gets a sexy new look!

DEADLY TEN's second feature film NECROPOLIS: LEGION now has a teaser trailer! The film is a Gothic, hypnotic companion piece to the 1986 Empire Pictures cult classic, directed and conceived by Chris Alexander (QUEEN OF BLOOD, editor of DELIRIUM) from a script by Full Moon Comix writer Brockton McKinney.

The movie stars Augie Duke (BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL) as Lisa, a writer who moves into a supposedly haunted farmhouse, where a demonic vampiric succubus named Eva (Ali Chappell) once lived. Soon, Lisa begins unraveling, having vivid, bloody dreams as the vengeful spirit of Eva slowly, surely uses her as a vessel to rebuild her cult.

Lynn Lowry (SHIVERS) also stars in this surreal, sensual and atmospheric shocker.

The film will be released on multiple platforms – including Full Moon Streaming and Amazon Prime -beginning November 2019.

And buckle in because DEADLY TEN's third live-streamed production - director John Lechago's BLADE - will go to camera next month! And LIVE casting will begin in a few weeks! Be sure to go to and subscribe for FREE to get all the awesome updates and free live content!

In other exciting Full Moon news, for those of you who already subscribe to the free Full Moon app (and if you don' is a great day to sign up via iTunes and other app stores!), make sure you dive-in ASAP and UPDATE that app! Why? Because we are in the process of doing a MASSIVE overhaul of many of our online entities, including a total re-branding and re-imagining of our popular Full Moon Streaming channel! And our app just got a supersexy new coat of paint, with improved functioning and a wild new look. So make sure you check it out!

But first...sit back and suck-up the sheer delirium that is the NECROPOLIS: LEGION teaser trailer!