• Chris Alexander


"DELIRIUM #20 is now on sale! BLADE is coming from DEADLY TEN!"

DELIRIUM #20 is finished and ready to ship! Our titanic 20th issue is a full-blown loveletter to Full Moon's classic vampire franchise SUBSPECIES, the beloved series of shockers whose long-awaited fifth entry - SUBSPECIES V: BLOODRISE- will go to camera this year in Albania as part of our much-hyped DEADLY TEN feature film project. Here in this issue, DELIRIUM sits down withe veteran director Ted Nicolaou and Radu himself, actor Anders Hove for a massive 8 page interview covering all four official SUBSPECIES films in detail, as well as teasing news about the upcoming BLOODRISE. And as a sidebar, we talk to Radu's leading lady Denice Duff, who returns to the fold with Ted and Anders for the new film as well. And further on the classic Full Moon tip, managing editor Michael Gingold chats up the legendary actor Phil Fondacaro about his storied career in everything from TROLL to THE CREEPS to LAND OF THE DEAD. Elsewhere, you'll find in-depth articles on the Clint Howard culinary creeper ICE CREAM MAN, the nightmarish Spanish shocker WHO CAN KILL A CHILD?, an exclusive new interview with Joe Dante and so much more.

You can pre-order this massive limited edition magazine now HERE. And be sure to catch up on your DELIRIUM back issues and renew your subscription by hitting HERE.

And finally, on the DEADLY TEN tip, our third live streamed feature film, the PUPPET MASTER spin-off flick BLADE, goes to camera on August 20th. This is the movie that PUPPET MASTER fans have been waiting for and director John Lechago is aiming to deliver the mother of all murderous marionette movies. STAY TUNED and make sure you keep checking out the official DEADLY TEN page! (