• Chris Alexander


Updated: Jul 2, 2019

"WEEDJIES gets a teaser! NECROPOLIS wraps! July 4th sale screams to life!"

Full Moon's DEADLY TEN project pushes forward with the first taste of what to expect from the finished edit of Danny Draven's WEEDJIES: HALLOWEED NIGHT! And yes, that's right - we changed the title! The movie was shot in Vegas a few weeks ago (the world's first ever live streamed film production) under the original title HALLOWEED NIGHT: MEET THE WEEDJIES, but the new moniker reflects that indeed, this hazy horror comedy is a direct riff on Charles Band's classic '80s cult film GHOULIES!

Check out the new WEEDJIES teaser trailer on YouTube!. And let us know what you think! WEEDJIES will release on October 21st, 2019 on Full Moon's Amazon channel, Full Moon Streaming and many more platforms.

In other DEADLY TEN news, we JUST wrapped our 2nd feature, the Gothic fever dream NECROPOLIS: LEGION directed by Chris Alexander and starring Augie Duke, Ali Chappell and Lynn Lowry. The movie was shot in Ontario, Canada and is filled with freakishness, atmosphere and blood. NECROPOLIS: LEGION is in post-production now and will release November 2019.

Finally, Full Moon is in FULL FOURTH next month as we steady the ship and ready the cannons for our MASSIVE 4th of July supersale!

Firing up on July 4th and climaxing with BANG on July 8th, our annual Independence Day blowout sale will feature hundreds of Blu-rays, DVDs, magazines, T-shirts, books, posters, toys, replicas and other madcap merch slashed down at stupidly awesome, rock-bottom prices! And, for a VERY LIMITED TIME (while they last...and they won't last long!) we will be bringing back a supply of our award-winning PUPPET MASTER "Toulon's Trunk" Blu-ray box sets. The gorgeous wood and metal cases house every single PUPPET MASTER movie to date as well as an exclusive new ARCANA OF THE PUPPET MASTER disc, a Blade figurine and a 16 page booklet. We've only got 200 of these beauties so make sure you show up to the sale on time!

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