• Chris Alexander


"HALLOWEED NIGHT preps for release! NECROPOLIS boobs go viral and...BLADE is coming!"

While DEADLY TEN's second feature film NECROPOLIS: LEGION splatters into its 4th day of production up in Canada (you can watch the final day of livestreaming from the set for FREE over at today AT 3:30PM EST!

Full Moon is stoked to announce that our first smoke-o-riffic shocker HALLOWEED NIGHT: MEET THE WEEDJIES is pumping through the post-production process and will have its world premiere on October 21st, 2019 on Full Moon's Amazon channel, Full Moon Streaming and other notable platforms.

Archived footage from the set of the picture and fun, freaky behind-the-scenes videos can be found on the HALLOWEED NIGHT page on the DEADLY TEN site. Dig in and watch the madness and get ready to go gonzo when we unleash Danny Draven's magnum mad opus this Fall! Speaking of madness, one of the key special effects appliances from NECROPOLIS: LEGION - the witch Eva's dreaded, fanged breast mouths - has taken on a lurid life of its own! The effect (the handiwork of Carlos Henriques at The Butcher Shop) was caught eating potato chips on set (puppeted by actress Ali Chappell) and that ludicrous video clip has been picked up by the Stan Winston Special Effects school, shared on their Instagram and Facebook pages and has in turn gone viral with nearly 200,000 views! It's extra amusing because director Chris Alexander modeled the mouths on the very same mouths the late Stan Winston created for Charles Band's 1982 shocker PARASITE! Check out the page HERE and have a laugh. But rest assured: these evil choppers are nothing to giggle about on screen... And finally, on the DEADLY TEN tip, our third live stream epic, BLADE, goes to camera on August 20th. This is the movie that PUPPET MASTER fans have been waiting for and director John Lechago is aiming to blow the roof off! Catch up on the crazy action for FREE only at!