• Chris Alexander


Updated: Oct 8, 2018

" DELIRIUM #17 Cover Reveal and the End of the Empires!"

We've already announced that Full Moon will be sifting through its history, back before Full Moon, in fact. Even before Empire Pictures, back to one of Charles Band's earliest hits, the 3D science fiction shocker PARASITE, a film that Band made to exploit the new wave of split-stereo 3D technology as well as riff on a slew of commercial hits that were owning theaters at the time, films like ALIEN, MAD MAX and other such bio-horror/post-apocalyptic epics. But PARASITE - with its fluid cinematography by the great Mac Ahlberg and its bizarre cast and early FX by Stan Winston - is truly something special and was just as successful in its 2D VHS version released by Wizard Video in 1983.

Just because we can, we're re-releasing PARASITE in an exact clone of its original, intricate "big box" VHS tape in a limited edition and, in anticipation of that rather remarkable item, we have opted to further celebrate our blood-sucking B movie past by plastering PARASITE on the cover of the latest issue of DELIRIUM, our Rondo Award-nominated horror an cult film magazine that explores not only the Full Moon universe, but ALL of the arcane liberal arts, from oddball cinema to weird music to strange art and lurid literature. We may me biased - okay, we are biased - but for our money, we think DELIRIUM is the best and most "out there" horror film magazine on the market.

You can check out all the beautiful back issue we've been steadily spitting out these past three years HERE, where you can buy them and even become a loyal subscriber if the spirit moves you. And if print aint your thing, every sexy issue of DELIRIUM is also available digitally via iTunes. So really, you have NO excuse not explore our deft, delirious universe.

The cover for DELIRIUM #17 was designed by our legendary house designer Ryan Brookhart, the one-man image-making machine behind virtually every Full Moon release and marketing image for the past two decades. He's a marvel and here, he's taken the original PARASITE theatrical release poster and given our eyeballs the illusion of 3D, with Winston's toothy monster bursting forth from the logo itself. The rest of this soon-to-be-classic cover was put together by DELIRIUM art director and monster magazine legend Bill Mohalley (Famous Monsters, Fangoria). It's a beauty and inside this startling issue, you'll find a slew of PARASITE features, including words with Charles Band, composer Richard Band, stars Luca Bercovici and Cherie Currie as well as other features like Bercovici's own THE GRANNY. a look back at PROM NIGHT III, CIRCUS OF HORROR, 3D horror classics artists Eric Adrian Lee and Jason Newsted and so much more. And we even have an EXCLUSIVE preview of our new Full Moon Comix title DOLLMAN KILLS THE FULL MOON UNIVERSE, with an amazing new 2 page adventure that pits Dollman against the perpetually high Gingerweed Man.

Speaking of Comix (and Dollman!) we'll be premiering the new DELIRIUM issue at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con, tying into the premiere of DOLLMAN KILLS THE FULL MOON UNIVERSE and we'll have a wealth of the creative team there too INCLUDING Dollman himself, the legendary Tim Thomerson! This is a once in a lifetime deal so if you're in the San Diego area, DON'T MISS IT!

Now, PARASITE was the final film Charles Band made before he started his own studio, Empire Pictures. Starting with films like METALSTORM 3D (which was originally designed as a sequel to PARASITE) and continuing with such now immortal pictures as GHOULIES, ELIMINATORS, FROM BEYOND and many, many more, Empire defined ingenious independent genre film production and distribution, making money and memories and amassing a loyal international following of fans.

Last year, we released the massive Empire Pictures box set, a cinder-block of a set that was made possible via a deal struck with Scream Factory and Full Moon and man, did these beasts SELL. Each one was signed and numbered with new art and housed in a beautiful box. And now, we find ourselves with only a smattering of these suckers left.

Want one?

As part of our annual July 4th super-sale, we're letting the last units in our Empire Pictures line out of the door for a severely marked down price ($200 plus a free $50 gift code). Starting 12:00pm (noon) pst on Tuesday, July 3rd and exploding into the weekend until 12:00am (midnight) pst Sunday, July 8th, will feature this deal and whack of other deep cut deals, including a staggering 40% OFF DVDs, Blu-rays, Retro VHS, Soundtrack CDs, DELIRIUM magazine back issues, posters and plushies. PLUS we're offering crazy COMBO DEALS, delirious door crasher deals, the jam-packed Mystery Bag (what's in it? Grab one and find out!) and TONS more!

Feel free to follow in the footsteps of the hungry PARASITE himself and suck our store dry this week. It's your patriotic duty to do so!