• Chris Alexander


Check out the horrifying highlights from DEADLY TEN's "Weedjies" FX studio visit!

Full Moon is getting CLOSE to starting production on our first ever DEADLY TEN feature film, director Danny Draven's ganja-fied take on GHOULIES, HALLOWEED NIGHT: MEET THE WEEDJIES! The wacky, weedy comedy creeper has been rolling out a series of exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and live-streamed content already via our DEADLY TEN website and this past Saturday, Draven and his merry Band (as in Charles Band) of misfits descended on Tom Devlin's FX studio to get a LIVE peek behind the scenes at the creation of the "Weedjies" themselves.

If you MISSED that live streaming segment, we have prepared a "highlights reel" featuring Devlin showcasing and creating these baked beasts and cannabis-crazed inter-dimensional creatures. Remember that you can catch this crazy content ONLY by signing up for FREE to after which you'll have FULL access to the weird "wizards behind the curtain" of not only this film, but ALL of the new genre films that will make up the DEADLY TEN roster!

HALLOWEED NIGHT: MEET THE WEEDJIES goes to camera in Las Vegas on June 11th and we will be LIVE streaming the entire production. You do NOT want to miss it! There's never been a feature film experience as immersive and intimate as DEADLY TEN!