• Chris Alexander


"DEADLY TEN wants you to Meet the Weedjies LIVE this Saturday 05/25!"

This past weekend, Full Moon was there (and hopefully, so were you!) for the LIVE casting session for DEADLY TEN's first feature film HALLOWEED NIGHT: MEET THE WEEDJIES. Did you catch it? Producer Charles Band and director Danny Draven ushered in a slew of LA's finest young actors, deliberating as to which of these lucky thespians would get the chance to star in our insane little movie. A cut-down highlights reel will appear on the site later this week. Check it out and stay tuned for the OFFICIAL final casting announcement coming soon!

Here's what's NEXT from DEADLY TEN:

THIS COMING SATURDAY - 05/25 - at 12 pm PST, DEADLY TEN dives back into the stream, giving fans an exclusive and LIVE peek behind the scenes of Tom Devlin's wild FX shop, where Tom will be in the final stages of creating the titular HALLOWEED NIGHT beasties themselves: THE WEEDJIES! Tom already has some of these cannabis-crazed inter-dimensional creatures produced, and you'll get your FIRST glimpses of what our new "ganja ghoulies" look like. AND we'll watch Tom deep in the process of MAKING a monster! All you have to do is visit, sign up for FREE and you'll have instant FREE access to the weird "wizards behind the curtain" of not only this film, but ALL of the new genre films that will make up the DEADLY TEN roster!

ALSO don't forget that we've already cast a cavalcade of celebrity actors, oddballs and influencers to appear in the movie (check out that wild lineup HERE), and you can come hang out with all of them - and all of us - and actually BE IN the movie by contributing to our HALLOWEED NIGHT Indiegogo campaign! We'll put you up in the official Las Vegas HALLOWEED NIGHT hotel, you'll appear in the movie during the berserk party scene AND you can hang with us for a couple of days and party after the cameras have stopped rolling! Check out the campaign HERE. See you in Sin City!

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