• Chris Alexander


"Full Moon wants you to party like a Weedjie in Las Vegas!"

DEADLY TEN's first feature HALLOWEED NIGHT: MEET THE WEEDJIES is going to camera next month, shooting in Sin City itself, Las Vegas! The initial entry in our ten-pack of live-streamed DEADLY TEN productions, HALLOWEED NIGHT is stoner riff on Charles Band's classic '80s Empire Pictures horror comedy GHOULIES, featuring cool monster effects courtesy of Tom Devlin, ludicrous and totally politically incorrect humor and a who's who of pop culture celebs and influences and whack of cult movie icons.

And we're inviting YOU to be there!

We're launching an exclusive IndieGogo campaign that - for a modest donation - will allow hardcore Full Moon fans to not only come to the HALLOWEED NIGHT set in Las Vegas, but be IN the movie's wild party scene, and stay two nights at the official HALLOWEED NIGHT hotel, The Artisan!

Check out the campaign HERE! This is freaky film history waiting to happen and you KNOW you want to be part of it!

ALSO! Don't forget that if you tune in to on 05/11 at NOON PST sharp, you'll be able to witness sexy actress Gabi Gold have her ample-bosomed body-cast in preparation for a salacious HALLOWEED NIGHT special effect! See the bubbly and sexy Miss Gold doff her duds and enter the freaky Full Moon FX fray in this LIVE and TOTALLY FREE uncensored streaming video; literally ANYTHING can happen! Adults only!

DEADLY TEN charts the making of 10 new Full Moon movies, whose productions will be live streamed before your eyes. Log onto now and sign up. This past weekend saw well over 1000 fans swarm our booth at the legendary Texas Frightmare Weekend, all to sign up and become part of the DEADLY TEN adventure. So what are you waiting for? It's FREE and there's never been anything else like it. Join the action today!