• Chris Alexander


"Big news coming for SUBSPECIES fans..."

Last week, we broke the news that Full Moon will be attending the 2019 Texas Frightmare Weekend (May 3rd - 5th in Dallas Fort Worth), the long-running Longhorn horror convention that drags all major monster movie players together for a wild weekend of celebs, shopping, screenings, panels and non-stop partying.

And, as we discussed, we'll have ALL the details on our latest - and perhaps greatest - project, the evil entity known as the DEADLY TEN.

This week, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about the DEADLY TEN in a news release that will be going wide. But until then, we'll give you a little hint.

One word:


We know that many of you Full Moon freaks are crazy about our 4-movie strong SUBSPECIES series, the franchise of high-concept fright films that follow the evil legacy of the rat-fanged vampire Radu and his reign of undead terror. It's been over 20 years since we released SUBSPECIES 4: BLOODSTORM and admirers of the movies have been clamoring for more ever since.

And while we CAN'T tell you everything just yet, if you ARE a SUBSPECIES fan, well...let's just say that you should be REALLY excited about the DEADLY TEN.

It's about damn time we saw our old pal Radu again...don't you think?

Yes. So do we.

Stay tuned this week for the BIG reveal at