• Chris Alexander


"Full Moon and the DEADLY TEN invade Texas Frightmare Weekend!"

As we always do, Full Moon will be descending on the immortal Texas Frightmare Weekend, the long-running Longhorn horror convention that drags all major monster movie players together for a wild weekend of celebs, shopping, screenings, panels and non-stop partying.

And this year, we'll have ALL the details on our latest - and perhaps greatest - project, the evil entity known as the DEADLY TEN.

What is DEADLY TEN, you ask? Stay tuned as we're unleashing the beast on April 18th EVERYWHERE.

But at Texas Frightmare, we'll be going deeeeeep into the guts of the project. You'll know everything there is to know about this massive, ambitious experiment in feature film-making via a special live presentation hosted by Charles Band on Friday, May 3rd at 7pm. And we will have FREE beer for all who attend plus an exciting prize giveaway! Don't miss it!

And outside of that exclusive presentation, we'll be set up all weekend on the convention floor, taking up two blood-spattered booths, loaded with movies and merch. And if you sign up for either Full Moon Streaming or Exotic Movie House at our booth, we'll give you a bunch of FREE movies. 

Texas Frightmare Weekend runs May 3rd - 5th in Dallas at the airport Hyatt Regent and is presented by Arrow Video.

Hit up for all the details and to pre-purchase tickets and hotel rooms. Plus, the guest list is INSANE this year. As it is, every year...

And remember - APRIL 18th, 2019 is the big DEADLY TEN reveal. What is it? Where is it? How can YOU be part of it?

Stay tuned! And be sure to download our FREE App to stay plugged into EVERYTHING happening in the freaky Full Moon universe!

See you in Texas, boils and ghouls!