• Chris Alexander


"Wicked Vision Brings Full Moon Classics to Germany!"

Full Moon's legacy and reach spans generations and every corner of the globe. Unfortunately, more often than not, many of our titles end up available in Europe only in bootleg copies, with varying quality and not the ways in which we want our fans to embrace our vast cult film library.

Doing their part to right the many grey and black market wrongs done to not only Full Moon classics but scores of international horror and fantasy favorites, are Germany's Wicked Vision, a boutique Blu-ray and DVD company offering top-tier genre films in sumptuous editions packed with features and pristine transfers.

Founded in 2000 in Germany as a horror film magazine, Wicked Vision grew and, in 2014, turned their attentions full time to licensing the sorts of cinema their fan base wanted to see. Movies like David Cronenberg's THE BROOD and SCANNERS, horror comedy THE MONSTER SQUAD, satanic classic EVILSPEAK and of course, now with Full Moon and Empire Pictures gems like TERROR VISION, GHOST TOWN, LURKING FEAR, DOCTOR MORDRID and CASTLE FREAK. Today, the WIcked Vision library is over 40 pictures strong and their quality - from the transfers to the beautiful cover art and bonus material - are without peer.

Wicked Vision's line of German Full Moon releases aims to stretch upwards of 20 titles by the end of 2019 with many of the titles licensed legally (the key word!) for the first time EVER for the German market! And to make this international venture even more exciting, Full Moon founder and President Charles Band will be appearing at Wicked Vision's annual horror convention HOUSE OF HORRORS on October 12-13th, 2019 in Germany, the likes of which ALSO includes a full THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE reunion! Go to the HOUSE OF HORRORS site for more info !

To check out the awesome movies and merch in the Wicked Vision library, go to WICKED SHOP today! Wunderbar!