• Chris Alexander


Updated: Mar 5, 2019

"NEW YORK RIPPER and RATS invade Full Moon! DELIRIUM #19 now on sale!"

Making their malevolent maiden appearances this week on Full Moon Streaming and Full Moon's Amazon channel are a pair of gory, grotty and generally outrageous shockers that could only have come out of Italy circa its gruesome golden age in the early 1980s.

First up is Lucio (ZOMBIE) Fulci's controversial serial killer thriller NEW YORK RIPPER, an ultra-sleazy, ultra-violent movie that not even Fulci's most ardent admirers would support upon its release in 1982. The film tells the tale of a sadistic murderer who is stalking the streets of Manhattan, making mincemeat of every innocent woman he meets. Meanwhile a detective is hot on the trail of the maniac and soon is receiving cryptic phone calls from the fiend, taunting the cop and teasing clues as to his next crime. The fact that the killer quacks like Donald Duck when he talks is perhaps one of NEW YORK RIPPER's most controversial elements and it's an admittedly nutty narrative choice that manages to demystify some of the horror that happens on screen. But only some. Because NEW YORK RIPPER is nothing if not a cavalcade of cruelty and carnage, with women having their throats cut, their breasts sliced, broken bottles jammed into unmentionable places and more. And yet as revolting and hard to endure as these murders are, the movie has such a sense of style and even a dark humor that you keep watching. And the ending even manages to tack on a dose of disturbing, conflicting and traumatic emotion that you'll find hard to shake...

Next, we have notorious pasta-land chunk-blower Bruno (HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD) Mattei's riotous post-apocalyptic horror thriller RATS, one of the director's weirdest films. Taking its cues from both MAD MAX 2 and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and reveling in the go-for-broke splatter that was then-popular around the planet, RATS features a gaggle of gun-toting punks wandering into the ruins of a big city and finding it overrun with the titular, bloodthirsty vermin. In truth, the rodents are just cute little white rats painted grey and grungy and when they attack, Mattei and company just kinda throw them into frame. But all this just adds to the grimy fun and you really can't go wrong with veteran Eurosplatter actor and DEMONS star Geretta Geretta top-lines the cast as a character named "Chocolate". Plus, the final shot of RATS is so outrageously absurd that your jaw will drop to the floor.

Both of these bloody classics premiere THIS week so make sure you keep your peppers peeled!

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