• Chris Alexander


"Take the stairs! Full Moon looks at THE LIFT!"

In the annals of horror, almost everything has been haunted, not just houses. Rod Serling's landmark television series The Twilight Zone (1959-1964) featured not one but two haunted cars, a haunted telephone and even an evil, sentient one-armed bandit slot machine. Steven Spielberg had DUEL, a tale about a killer truck that may or may not be running and rampaging without a driver of any sort. And how about the 1977 James Brolin potboiler THE CAR? And Stephen King famously trotted out his short story "Trucks" (adapted by King as his first and only directorial effort, 1986's MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE) and, of course, his novel "Christine" (adapted as a film by the great John Carpenter), both stories about possessed automobiles out for human blood. And King also made laundry machines evil in "The Mangler" (flipped to film via Tobe Hooper).

Currently streaming on both Full Moon Streaming and our Amazon channel is one of the most fascinating haunted object horror films, Dick Maas' cult sinister elevator shaft shocker THE LIFT. The film is part of a pack of films we recently licensed from Blue Undergound (FULL LIST HERE) and while on paper, the idea of a possessed elevator may sound silly, Maas' oddball mini-masterwork aint playing around.

THE LIFT tells the tale of the goings on in the corporate Hell that is the Icarus office tower complex and, specifically the problems with one of its elevators. When Icarus employees begin complaining of problems with the lift, including wildly fluctuating temperatures and other minor mayhem, repairman Felix (Huub Stapel) is called in to investigate. Felix initially can find no glaring problems with the elevator but, after giving it a clean bill of health, the troubles intensify and the blood starts to flow freely. People are killed in grim, weird ways and Felix is forced to come back in to figure out what exactly is going on. With the help of a snoopy reporter (Willeke van Ammelrooy), Felix soon discovers that the shaft has a troubled history and that the very mechanisms that propel the beastly thing are...well...not right. At all. Is the elevator haunted or is something more malevolent manipulating its mechanisms?

THE LIFT succeeds because Maas' passion for cinema and innovation thrived not despite of, but because of, the low budget he was saddled with. The film industry in Holland has never been particularly booming but Maas managed to squeeze dollars out of dimes, making the movie look far more lush and opulent than its meager cost should have been able to muster. It's a landmark of Dutch genre filmmaking and vital entry in the cannon of one of horror and dark fantasy cinema's greatest, most underrated auteurs.

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