• Chris Alexander


Reminder: Full Moon's Outrageous Valentine's Day Super-Sale Starts This THURSDAY!

Here at Full Moon labs, we are planning and plotting one Helluva an amazing year, from re-issues of classic films, to brand new exciting merchandise, magazines, the long-awaited release of David Allen's THE PRIMEVALS and a slate of TEN brand new Full Moon feature films, we're locking in this year as the most action-packed and ambitious since our video store heydays.

But as the first order of business to kick off 2019 with a proper 21-gun salute, we're blasting out a love-letter to our fans in the form of our BIGGEST Valentine's Day sale EVER. Now, every year we do this, of course. But every year the sale gets BIGGER and BETTER. Why? Because we keep creating and releasing more awesome stuff for ya'll!

SO! Starting at NOON PST on 2/14 and climaxing at NOON PST on 2/25, Full Moon's Valentine's Sale will offer mind-blowing door-crasher deals, miles of mad merch and more! And best of all, almost every single item in store will be listed at HALF OFF the regular listed price!

This is our way of saying THANK YOU to all of you who love and support us and always have, since we slunk out screaming from our primordial ooze way back in 1989. We love you too and we're giving you a wad of mind-melting deals to prove it!

So forget the flowers! Chuck out the chocolates! Ditch the Candlelit Dinners! This year, hook your honey up with some sweetheart deals ONLY during this AWESOME sale! And as an exciting side note to you serious collectors out there, we'll even have a limited stock of our beautiful, highly coveted Blade 30th anniversary signature replicas available. So dive in this Thursday and act fast.

And stay tuned next week for more juice on our jizz-tastic new endeavors, only from Full Moon!