• Chris Alexander


Updated: Oct 8, 2018

"Retro Parasites, VHS Vengeance and the Birth of Full Moon Comix "

Your perspective on the Full Moon ride depends on when you got on the train and for many of us ardent Charles Band junkies, we came of age in the glorious 1980s, specifically the EARLY 1980s which - let's face it - belonged primarily to the 1970s, as far as aesthetics were concerned. And with that, just before Band blasted off with his hugely influential, pre-Full Moon studio Empire Pictures, the man produced a slew of genre films that saw him young, hungry and devoted to experimenting. And while 70's faves like MANSION OF THE DOOMED and TOURIST TRAP are rightly now considered classics, there's a certain kind of magic about the films Band made in the dawn of the "Me" decade, specifically his trailblazing resurrection of the long-commercially dormant 3D format. Even more specifically, we're talking about his nihilistic, wonky, blood-spattered post apocalyptic monster mash PARASITE.

Sort of an amalgam of MAD MAX, ALIEN, Band's own 1978 sci-fi gem LASERBLAST and one of his Dad Albert's many '60's "Spaghetti Westerns", PARASITE was hotly marketed as a game-changing 3D horror movie and its wild, in-your-face campaign worked. The picture made dough, though naturally, the critics hated it. But we at Full Moon have never really cared for what the critics say. It's only the fans that matter. And PARASITE - God Bless it - has amassed a legion of devoted fans over the years.

The film stars craggy-faced Robert Glaudini as a rogue scientist in a Nuke-ravaged future who invents a parasite that his sinister corporate employers have commissioned to control what's left of the population. Or something. The "why" doesn't really matter, all that matters is that Glaudini has one lodged in his guts and another in a coffee thermos and he hits the road with the toothy monsters, laser-gun-toting bad guys on his tail. Along the way he bumps up against a very young Demi Moore (this was her first film, in fact), future GHOULIES director Luca Bercovici, Cheryl Smith (LASERBLAST), GUYS AND DOLLS legend Vivian Blaine and former THE RUNAWAYS teen rock Queen Cherie Currie. Naturally the PARASITE in the can gets out, bites Currie's leg and then skitters off in search of more people to suck.

With early FX by future Oscar winner Stan Winston, a haunting, experimental score by the great Richard Band (echoing Jerry Goldsmith's music for PLANET OF THE APES) and atmospheric photography by Mac Ahlberg (PUPPET MASTER), PARASITE has a richly cinematic feel, even if you DON'T see it in its native 3D, which most people have never seen anyway. See, most of us first saw PARASITE via VHS when Band released the film on his legendary WIZARD VIDEO label shortly after the movie's release. That grainy, pan and scanned VHS version was 2D and yet, the movie feels even WEIRDER and CREEPIER this way. Like something ripped from an analog nightmare!

And that VHS box itself, wow, what a marvel. The original PARASITE packaging was an intricate affair, with a gatefold cover and a tape nestled inside the box itself, a gallery of photos on the inside and back cover. It was a work of art. I mean, so were Band's other "Big Box" WIZARD tapes, with their garish art and plastic inner-trays. But the PARASITE case was a magnificent thing, a stunning collectible that sadly, so few people ended up treasuring. Because, as Joni Mitchell says, "You don't know what you got 'till it's gone...".

So with that, after the success of our retro "Big Box" WIZARD VIDEO re-releases a few years back, we decided to do something really weird for PARASITE. We did it for the fans of that "old school" VHS release and the newly minted collectors who have never held this beautiful box. And we did it for ourselves. Simply because we COULD!

Though Band no longer has the rights to PARASITE for DVD and Blu-ray formats, he DOES still maintain the rights to release the film on VHS. So we've done it! This Fall, Full Moon and WIZARD VIDEO will be re-releasing PARASITE in an EXACT clone of its initial VHS release. This will be a SUPER limited edition run - only 1000 copies made - and only 300 will be made available to fans, signed and numbered, via

We'll have more on this incredibly cool curio as the days progress but our in-house design team, led by the great Ryan Brookhart, are having a (laser) blast faithfully re-creating the orginal box. It's so cool. They say "they don't make 'em like they used to". Well, we ARE NOT "they"!

In OTHER news (and hey, this is Full Moon, man! We ALWAYS have tons of wicked and weird and awesome stuff happening!) our line of Full Moon Comix are NOW on sale!

The first issue of our FIRST series, DOLLMAN KILLS THE FULL MOON UNIVERSE, is now available with FOUR exclusive and totally kick-ass collectible covers, featuring mind-blowing original art. We're so excited to ensure that our faithful fans get all four of these amazing limited edition covers, that we're offering an awesome incentive deal featuring a whole stack-o-killer swag!

The more comics you buy...the more cool stuff you get!

These far-out fan incentives will only be available until Mon, July 9th. They are as follows:

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The books are inn stores August 1st and available for PRE-ORDER NOW from And if you're going to the infamous, juggernaut, monolithic 4-day salute to pop culture insanity that is the San Diego Comic Con, we will SEE YOU THERE! We will have copies of the book, the entire creative team will be hanging out, AND...


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That's right, the iconic Tim Thomserson - Jack Deth in the TRANCERS films and the bad-ass DOLLMAN - will be hanging out SIGNING copies of the comic for the fans! So BE there!

And be sure to visit for news, updates and more killer promotions.

The Full Moon train is rocking and rolling! Next stop...infinity!