• Chris Alexander


Updated: Jan 14, 2019

"THE PRIMEVALS Indiegogo Campaign Continues!"

Full Moon continues to build on our THE PRIMEVALS Indiegogo campaign, a project spearheaded by FX artist Chris Endicott and producer Charles Band whose aim is to finally finish stop-motion animation icon David Allen's final film. We sincerely thank you for all your support! But there's still miles to go and still time for YOU to contribute!

For those of you who haven't been following our story, here's some history:

David Allen had been manipulating and advancing the art of stop-motion FX as far back as 1970's EQUINOX (released by our Wizard Video as THE BEAST in the early 80s) and he refined his craft in early Charles Band collaborations like LASERBLAST and THE DAY TIME ENDED, eventually perfecting his trade in Full Moon classics like PUPPET MASTER and SUBSPECIES. But through all this, there was THE PRIMEVALS -- Allen's dream project, one that dates back to the early 1970s. With this film, David had brought together all the elements he wanted to explore in science fiction/fantasy filmmaking. Meanwhile Allen continued to evolve his craft throughout the 80s in films like YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES, BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED and WILLOW, but finally, in the mid-90s, Band and Allen officially began production of THE PRIMEVALS. With lavish sets constructed in Romania and exotic locations like the Italian Alps, David Allen directed his pet project. After the live action photography was completed, Allen and his crew, including longtime associate Chris Endicott (THE AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR), began the exhaustive work on the intricate effects. Lizard warriors, monsters, Kong-like Yeti Gods...all were here and all were awesome.

When Full Moon finally completes the film this year, THE PRIMEVALS will be be released as a Special Edition Blu-ray set that will feature two alternate edits of the film. The first will be the new, completed cut overseen by producer Charles Band. The second will be the "director’s cut"-- faithfully assembled as David Allen intended and containing special animated storyboards representing the unrealized shots from THE PRIMEVALS. Both films will make for a fascinating comparative study, creating the definitive THE PRIMEVALS experience. A third disc will premiere a feature-length THE PRIMEVALS documentary from Daniel Griffith of Ballyhoo Motion Pictures loaded with never before available behind the scenes and archival footage from the many years of this film’s amazing journey.

So if you've already contributed to THE PRIMEVALS campaign, again, we THANK YOU! But if not...why not! We've lowered some prices on tiers, added new incentives and are offering new, exciting ways for the fans to be involved in this IMPORTANT project.

So dive in and check out THE PRIMEVALS Indiegogo campaign HERE and find out how you can be part of this historical production!