• Chris Alexander


"Happy New Year from Full Moon! Get ready for a KILLER 2019!

As 2018 gasps its final, blood-gargling breaths, it's a good time to reflect on all the awesomeness we brought to the table this year. We released yet another stoner-tastic EVIL BONG movie (the acclaimed EVIL BONG 777), started our own comic book line (Full Moon Comix), re-released Charles Band's early monster movie PARASITE on old-school VHS, blasted out tons of wild international erotic films on DVD and digital, created new lines of hand-sculpted PUPPET MASTER replicas, put horror legend David Cronenberg on the cover of our horror movie magazine DELIRIUM (complete with an exclusive photo shoot), acquired one of the biggest erotica film libraries on the planet for DVD and streaming, attended a half dozen horror and comic book conventions, saw our Amazon channel grow daily, put the machine in motion to finish legendary FX artist David Allen's final film THE PRIMEVALS (you can check out the Indiegogo campaign HERE!) and so, SO much more!

But believe us when we say, aint seen NUTHIN' yet!

2019 will see Full Moon continue our climb back to the throne as the king's of independent cult movie entertainment and while we can't tell you the specific details of these projects, just know that they not only include MORE of the amazing things we've started in 2018, but will also see a wave of brand new feature films as well as new, exciting ways of involving our fans.

So here's to a brand new year ahead, filled with sex, blood and rock 'n' roll! Get ready fans! We've only just begun!


Before we let you go to say the last rites to the year we're leaving behind, a quick reminder that another killer thing we created in 2018 - FULL MOON'S BUNKER OF BLOOD - is just about to release its fifth and freakiest installment in the series. And when we say freakiest...we mean it!

PSYCHO SIDESHOW: DEMON FREAKS takes you deep into a three-ring circus of shock, blasting out a caustic cauldron of clips from such classic Full Moon favorites as LURKING FEAR, DARK ANGEL, SEED PEOPLE, SHRIEKER, THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING and - of course - CASTLE FREAK and frames them with an all new animated narrative. This time, "The Gore Collector" winds his way into a terrifying amusement park from Hell known as the "Karnage Kingdom". And while the crazed carnival coats our characters in bloody horror, our tour guide "Molly" seems to have a method to the madness. What lies beyond this nightmarish wonderland? 

Tune in to our streaming channels starting TUESDAY, JANUARY 1st  to find out!