• Chris Alexander


"Full Moon 'Slimlne' Blu-ray Sets and a Christmas Sale to End All Christmas Sales!"

As the year winds down and Full Moon reflects on our near 30-year history while looking the future square in the eye, we've decided to take some of our most popular motion pictures and package them for the discerning FM collector in snazzy new "Slimline" Blu-ray box sets! These sleekly designed (by our indefatigable house artist Ryan Brookhart) are the perfect gift for newly minted classic horror and fantasy film fans and essential additions to any serious cinemaniac's collection.

Titles included in this series include:

TRANCERS: The Squid Pack

The immortal Jack Deth locks, loads and slips through time in pursuit of the zombie-like Trancers and the fiendish maniac who made them in Charles Band's pulse-pounding TRANCERS trilogy! The great Tim Thomerson (DOLLMAN, NEAR DARK) stars as Deth in this trio of action-packed sci-fi mind-benders, filled with humor, horror and wild special effects, collected here to satisfy even the driest of squids!


From the fevered mind of "Master of Horror" Stuart Gordon, the visionary director who brought you the groundbreaking gore-fests RE-ANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND, comes two of Full Moon's most savage motion pictures! THE PIT & THE PENDULUM stars Lance Henriksen as the brutal Torquemada, whose tortures know no limits. CASTLE FREAK reunites RE-ANIMATOR's Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton in this violent, tragic story of a flesh-eating wretch haunting the bowels of a castle and the family who falls prey to him. Settle in for a stylish, nightmarish night of horror with this gory Gordon double-shot!


TRANCERS legend Tim Thomerson proves that there are no small parts and becomes the diminutive DOLLMAN aka Brick Bardo, a super-small supercop who lands on earth and reluctantly becomes the savior of the human race! Also in this super-charged set, look out for the bloodthirsty playthings known as the DEMONIC TOYS as they wreak all manner of monstrous havoc! Their rampage alerts the attentions of Bardo and the gaggle of goons fight to the death in DOLLMAN VS. DEMONIC TOYS! It's a trio of tiny terror and oddball adventure that you'll never forget!

PUPPET MASTER: Axis Collection

Nazi's beware! Andre Toulon's murderous marionettes are cutting a red swath across the Third Reich in the PUPPET MASTER Axis trilogy! Serving as the 9th, 10th and 11th entries in Full Moon's venerable horror/fantasy series, the Axis collection charts the adventures of our merciless murderous marionettes as they seek revenge on the death of their maker and join the resistance to take out Hitler's droogs once and for all. Join Blade, Pinhead, Jester, Tunneler, Six Shooter and more as they stab, shoot and drill their way to patriotic, anti-Nazi glory!

Each set contains 2-3 Blu-rays, loaded with cool features. These dy-no-mite sets will be on sale starting December 20th/2018 which ALSO just happens to co-incide with our FINAL blow-out sale of the year...

Ho-Ho-Holy S**t! It's the Full Moon DVD and Blu-ray Christmas Super Sale!

Beginning December 20th and raging all the way until January 2nd, Full Moon will be dropping prices on ALL DVDs and Blu-rays in stock!

ALL catalog and new release DVD's will be marked down to a mere $5 (!!!) while every single Blu-ray we have in store will be hacked to $10 (!!!!). Is your wallet weary this holiday season after buying piles-o-junk for friends, kids, co-workers and distant relatives you don't even like? Let Full Moon reward your spirit of giving by giving back to YOU and letting you raid our store for a song!

Also bowing his head in the middle of our Christmas Super Sale is our beautiful 30th Anniversary Studio Series Blade Replica, which we announced last week. Check out the image below:

As you can see from the teaser art above, this is the ultimate Blade figure, a GOREgeous replica that will go on sale 12/18 and EVERY ORDER made on this date is guaranteed to ship within 72 hours.

And before you go, don't forget that our THE PRIMEVALS Indiegogo campaign continues to grow. We still have a long way away from reaching our target goal, but to those of you who have donated already, from all of us at Full Moon, THANK YOU!

You can check out the incredible campaign and all our unique donor incentives here and have a look at our official THE PRIMEVALS teaser reel below!