• Chris Alexander


The One and Only Blade is coming! THE PRIMEVALS Campaign Continues!

Out of the hundreds of horror, fantasy and dark comedy genre films Full Moon has produced these past 30 years, one franchise defines us and has secured our legacy infinitely: PUPPET MASTER. The 1989 original film directed by TOURIST TRAP and CRAWLSPACE helmer David Schmoeller was our first picture and set the bar for the movies we'd make throughout the 1990's, when Full Moon was the king of video store carnage. PUPPET MASTER was - and remains - the most successful direct-to-video feature film of all time and the 10 official sequels that followed became the most popular small screen-shockers in horror history. And since 2019 does indeed mark the three-decade anniversary of PUPPET MASTER, we've got a few things very dark, dangerous and DEADLY brewing, centered squarely on the series' main marionette anti-hero, the diabolical Blade himself.

As you can see from the teaser art above and below, our stab-happy central puppet Blade is creeping around and getting ready to take a bow for a VERY special 30th Anniversary Blade figure, a GOREgeous LIMITED EDITION replica that will go on sale 12/18!

Using the finest materials: from an expertly tailored overcoat, to a hard resin, multi-function portrait (including hinged jaw and retractable 'eye-spikes'), flowing, rooted hair, resin hook and knife with soldered metal wrists and an articulated, premium quality wood body. This is the full-scale Blade figure you’ve dreamed about! All orders placed ON 12/18 will ship within 72 hours. If you're a Full Moon collector, you're going to want to jump on this one!

We'll reveal the full figure in detail this Thursday, so keep your eyeballs peeled! Or Blade will peel 'em for ya!

Also coming soon, Blade will take center-stage as part of the most exciting Full Moon project in years. And while we're still several weeks away from spilling our guts about what that project is, rest assured it's something the fans have been screaming for and it's something every serious Full Moon aficionado will approve of. So sit tight and keep checking back here on our weekly Newsflashes for the official announcement. Coming soon. Very soon...

In other news, our THE PRIMEVALS Indiegogo campaign is rollicking along and - in just over a week - we've raised almost $20,000! We still have a long way away from reaching our target goal, but to those of you who have donated already, from all of us at Full Moon, THANK YOU!

You can check out the incredible campaign and all our unique donor incentives here!

As many of you are well aware, this is not just a movie we're making here, rather it's a cause. We're fulfilling a dream and trying to finish what the visionary David Allen started 40 years ago and complete THE PRIMEVALS using all means available to us. Every donation allows us yet another day in studio, where FX artist and keeper of THE PRIMEVALS flame Chris Endicott and his team can create one more stop motion shot, one more visual effects composite. This project is about getting David Allen’s long gestating magnum opus seen by the fans who thought this day would never come as well as the fans to be who will thrill to the classic fantasy film we'll be bringing them. This film represents the last of a special kind of filmmaking from one of the art-form's most celebrated practitioners. We are committed to bringing it as close to Allen's initial vision as we possibly can.

THE PRIMEVALS needs to come to life, and with your’s gonna happen. Between this massive and long overdue undertaking and the aforementioned Blade-centric project and its many appendages, 2019 is set to be a HUGE year for Full Moon...and for you, our beloved fans.

Stay tuned!