• Chris Alexander


"CALENDAR GIRLS, a 'Lost' Jess Franco Film and Much More Coming from Full Moon!"

If you've been plugged into the sexy sidebars of the Full Moon universe, you might have noticed the wave of classic erotica films we've licensed over the past few years, most of them coming from that Golden Age of sauciness, the 1970s. And even more specifically, most of them coming from the mind of the late, great Swiss exploitation producer/director/mogul Erwin C. Dietrich.'

Though we lost Erwin last year, long before he passed, Full Moon made a deal to license a wealth of titles from his Ascot Elite company, all of them remastered from their original negatives and all of them fully uncut. Many of these salacious and fabulous skin flicks were directed by the legendary Jess Franco (BARBED WIRE DOLLS, JACK THE RIPPER), a filmmaker we have a long history with via our iconic Wizard Video VHS imprint in the 1980s. But more recently we've had great success on our streaming portals - Amazon and Full Moon Streaming - with many Dietrich produced films that were actually directed by the man as well, under his pseudonym "Michael Thomas" (not to be confused with Philip Michael Thomas, who played Tubbs in MIAMI VICE, but we digress...).

Movies like SWEDISH GAS PUMP GIRLS, ROLLS ROYCE BABY and THE YOUNG SEDUCERS are totally adult romps that are filled with humor and beautiful location photography, with many starring the great Lina Romay and Ingrid Steeger. And now we've got even more sensual slices of SINema coming your way.

First up is CALENDAR GIRLS, also know as THE YOUNG SEDUCERS 3, in which the comely Steeger runs away from a her all-girls boarding school and hits the road - and the sheets - with every stranger she meets. It's a ribald riot and again, like all the Dietrich films we've licensed, presented totally uncut and uncensored. CALENDAR GIRLS is now on streaming and DVD. Check it out!

And coming (ahem) soon from Full Moon and Ascot Elite, we have the super-hot SIX SWEDES IN PARADISE, a follow up to SWEDISH BOARDING SCHOOL GIRLS and SWEDISH GAS PUMP GIRLS in which those scintillating Swedish girls are at it again, diving deep into forbidden erotic adventures, but this time doing it (and doing it, and doing it...) in the sunny tropical tourist trap of Ibiza! Our horny heroines board a bawdy boat, lose their passports and cash and almost immediately get to the business of banging every eligible bloke (and the odd lovely lady) that strolls into their sweaty path, all in the name of earning their keep in the sexiest hot spot in Spain! If all that heat wasn't enough, we're also on the cusp of releasing CALENDAR GIRLS 2, the uncut version of the rarely seen softcore spectacle THE BED HOSTESS, starring the incredible Karin Hofmann, who scorched the screen in the first CALENDAR GIRLS!

Then, calling back to our early Wizard Video days when we licensed all those aforementioned Jess Franco classics like FEMALE VAMPIRE (aka EROTIKILL) and A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD. we have one of the rarest titles from the mythical Eurocine library: A VIRGIN FOR ST. TROPEZ!

A VIRGIN FOR ST. TROPEZ tells the tale of illicit sex in a young girl's family home on the French Riviera and a plot to rob the villa but really, most of the plot (such as it is) is an excuse to depict scene after scene of impossibly hot carnal adventures, tightly edited by THE DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT director Luigi Batzella and propelled by lush musical cues from composers Robert Hermel (THE EROTIC RITES OF FRANKENSTEIN) and Daniel Janin (SECRETS OF A NYMPHOMANIAC).

Available in North America for the first time and presented fully remastered and totally uncut, A VIRGIN FOR ST. TROPEZ is of special interest to Franco fans as, according to co-star Paul Muller (Franco's VAMPYROS LESBOS and COUNT DRACULA), the legendary exploitation filmmaker took over for credited director Georges Friedland early on and actually was responsible for most of the movie! Certainly, much of Franco's eye for sweaty sex and gorgeous, ocean-set locations is evident here.

All this retro-heat and more close out our already super-naughty 2018, with many more classic erotic movies to come next year!

Check out the SAFE for work trailer for CALENDAR GIRLS below and be sure to buy or stream the FULL VERSION to watch when you are NOT at work!