• Chris Alexander


Updated: Nov 12, 2018

"Take Full Moon's Freakiest Posters Home with Our Stunning New Art Book!"

When discussing the history of genre cinema, the topic of marketing a movie should be a major component of that conversation. Think of the greatest horror and fantasy films of all time, from classic 50's sci-fi, to lurid Hammer Horror Gothic pictures, to milestone films like PSYCHO, THE EXORCIST and HALLOWEEN. When think of these movies and others like them, we think of the poster art. We think of those incredibly designed and ingeniously illustrated and presented images and wordplay screaming from marquees and leaping-off of video store shelves, daring viewers to drift into theaters or take these tapes home.

And certainly, when you think of Full Moon, our "look" is essential to our "hook", especially with regards to our iconic franchise feature films.

So with that, Full Moon is thrilled to be releasing the massive FULL MOON FEATURES - THE ART COLLECTION, an 84 page, 12x9 coffee table tome that collects a library of arresting promotional artwork culled from dozens of our legendary franchise horror films. The book is curated by veteran artist and designer Ryan Brookhart, who himself was responsible for a wealth of many of Full Moon's most visually arresting posters and marketing campaigns.

Inside this incredible book you'll find lush and lively posters for films from the PUPPET MASTER, KILLJOY, DEMONIC TOYS, TRANCERS, THE GINGERDEAD MAN, EVIL BONG and SUBSPECIES franchises and many more besides. Here, collected for the first time, fans can have the original art they grew up with, couple with jaw-dropping international poster and one-sheet art used to promote these immortal pictures in various countries and territories around the world.

With the holidays fast-approaching, FULL MOON FEATURES - THE ART COLLECTION is the ultimate gift idea for the serious Full Moon fan and for lovers of weird and wonderful cinematic promotional art.

The book will be on sale on 11/7 for $20 USD and will only be available HERE! Get one before they're gone!