• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol. 168

Charles Band's incredible life in strange cinema will be revealed this week in a hotly anticipated book called CONFESSIONS OF A PUPPETMASTER from publisher Harper Collins!

The book is a tell-all memoir charting Charlie's early life growing up on film sets in Italy to his first stabs at exploitation filmmaking in the 1970s, to his founding of his own studios in the '80s and '90s and all the insane films and bona fide horror classics produced during these periods. You'll also get saucy stories about Charlie's sometimes salacious celebrity encounters, his mega triumphs and his bummer tragedies and so much more, all written in a fast, fun and heartfelt way that will have you flipping the book's pages like a fiend.

CONFESSIONS OF A PUPPETMASTER will release THIS TUESDAY and you can order your copy HERE, as well as find it on book shelves across the nation, as well as Kindle and other formats. This is a MUST read for strange cinema fans and, as a special incentive to the Full Moon family, until November 21st, we're offering you a FULL YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to Full Moon Features, our incredible streaming channel with proof of purchase! Simply send a receipt or documentation showing your purchase to and we will sign you right up, it's that simple!

CONFESSIONS OF A PUPPETMASTER is the must-read film biography of the year, even if you're not a horror movie junkie. But of course you ARE one, so you'll love it even more!