• Chris Alexander


"Watch the EXCLUSIVE Trailer for DEATH HEADS: BRAIN DRAIN and buckle in for a Halloween Super-sale!"

Full Moon's BUNKER OF BLOOD is alive, livid and lurid! The malevolent "greatest hits" from Full Moon's sanguinary cinematic past continues to splatter across our Amazon and Full Moon Streaming platforms, with DVD releases biting close on its dark, digital heels. 

Now - after the first two episodes PUPPET MASTER: BLITZKRIEG MASSACRE and then DEADLY DOLLS: DEEPEST CUTS (which is currently on our Amazon channel and hits Full Moon Streaming on 10/16) - we bring you the EXCLUSIVE trailer for third shattering installment: DEATH HEADS: BRAIN DRAIN!

Culled from Full Moon's most carnage-filled killer cranium classics, DEATH HEADS: BRAIN DRAIN is indeed the third chapter in  the splat-tastic horror film series spotlighting some of the studio's strangest and sickest sequences framed by an all new, all outrageous narrative,

This time, we follow the further adventures of a masochistic drifter trapped in the lair of "The Gore Collector", a sadistic curator of carnage who was has chosen the drifter to be the heir to take over his evil operation. The new "guru of gore"and his evil analog guide "Tape Head" encounter "Molly", a verbose mannequin head that sucks the wide-eyed voyeur down a wet, red rabbit-hole of vile scenes of vein-spurting terror from Full Moon's freaky past.

Bookended by illustrated comic book panels that set up the sanguinary shocks, FULL MOON'S BUNKER OF BLOOD is an 8-part descent into surreal slaughter like only Full Moon can deliver. DEATH HEADS: BRAIN DRAIN features horrific highlights from classic flicks like SKULL HEADS, HEAD OF THE FAMILY, TOURIST TRAP and TROPHY HEADS, all bashed together in a full-blown assault on your fragile psyche. 

If blood isn't your body fluid of choice, Full Moon has another spurting classic starting its streaming run on 10/17! For those of who have been paying attention, we've licensed a whack of vintage Erwin C. Dietrich softcore erotic epics these past few years, from the slew of classic Jess Franco movies to salacious comedies like THE YOUNG SEDUCERS and SWEDISH GAS PUMP GIRLS. Now we're about to take you to the clouds with the sex-tastic shag-a-thon THE SWINGING STEWARDESSES! Check out the naughty, plane-licking art below!

And once you've absorbed all that insanity, prep your wallets because Full Moon's spook-tacular Halloween sale is coming, starting 10/25 and running all through Halloween on 10/31! 

But more on that awesomeness next week...

For now, screw your noggin on tight and watch the official BUNKER OF BLOOD Chapter 3 - DEATH HEADS: BRAIN DRAIN trailer below!