• Chris Alexander


"David Cronenberg on the cover of DELIRIUM and a new Full Moon Vidcast!"

Last weekend LA's Beyond Fest paid tribute to one of the pioneers of the contemporary horror film, maverick Canadian director David Cronenberg. The fest screened virtually all of David's startling body horror masterpieces, including SHIVERS, RABID, THE BROOD, VIDEODROME, THE FLY and many more and had a plethora of DC alumni on hand to witness and speak, people like rock icon Debbie Harry (VIDEODROME), Geena Davis (THE FLY) and composer Howard Shore (every DC film since 1979). And naturally, they brought in the man of the hour himself, all the way from Toronto.

Cronenberg's appearance at an event celebrating his past is a rarity these days, as the notoriously private filmmaker rarely likes to speak on his early works. But not only was Cronenberg there, he agreed to allow DELIRIUM magazine - Full Moon's own horror, cult and exploitation film magazine - to arrange an EXCLUSIVE photo shoot for our cover as well as an inside gallery.

Our frequent collaborator, photographer Ama Lea, hit the ground running and designed a far-out set that echoed the dystopian cathode-ray horror of VIDEODROME for what would be the ultimate DC photo session. And a mere 2 days later...we had the cover of DELIRIUM #18!

DELIRIUM #18 is ON SALE NOW and will ship on October 25th. It's an all-out DC party, with essays on his early films and most underrated later pictures as well as interviews with DC, Debbie Harry and more. If you're a fan of this pioneer of "body horror", you owe it to yourself to pick this periodical up before it sells out.

Also inside the mag, you'll find and EXCLUSIVE interview with Oscar-nominated screenwriter John Logan, the pen behind such acclaimed blockbusters as GLADIATOR, SWEENEY TODD, THE AVIATOR and ALIEN: COVENANT as well as the creator of beloved Gothic horror TV show PENNY DREADFUL. Turns out Logan is a HUGE Full Moon fan and when he reached out to spill his love, we cornered him for this fantastic chat. Hope you dig it!

Elsewhere blasted onto our pretty pages, there's a massive interview with actress and performer Tristan Risk (AMERICAN MARY, the upcoming remake of Cronenberg's RABID), THE RANGER's Heather Buckley and Jenn Wexler, the history of CHARLTON COMICS and so much more awesomeness.

This is truly our most important issue to date. A rebirth, but still boasting the same energy that ex-FANGORIA EIC and DELIRIUM co-founder Chris Alexander brings to every issue, the same classic, clean design veteran magazine designer Bill Mohalley (FAMOUS MONSTERS, VAMPIRELLA, FANGORIA) delivers time and time again and the wild, three-ring circus sensibility that publisher Charles Band is known for.

Grab your copy pf DELIRIUM #18 HERE.

And stay tuned: is undergoing a facelift! We will have a total re-branding of the website this month, with new writers, a new look, new content and more macabre movie editorial than you can shake a stick at!

Speaking of our fearless leader, Charles Band, check out his latest VIDCAST, where Band discusses this very issue as well as all the other incredible things happening in the Full Moon universe!

We're on FIRE, baby!