• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol. 166

Iconic Italian horror director Sergio (TORSO, ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK) Martino's mythical 1979 dark fantasy thriller ISLAND OF THE FISHMEN is now playing on Full Moon Features (link it) and Full Moon's Amazon Prime channel (link it) and is coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD! And best of all, we're presenting this delirious and much discussed film for the first time in North America in its ORIGINAL director's cut!

Taking its cues from H.G. Wells' THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU and H.P. Lovecraft's THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH, ISLAND OF THE FISHMEN is an Italian genre film like no other.After surviving two harrowing nautical disasters, Lieutenant Claude de Ross washes up on a remote, uncharted tropical island along with a gaggle of similarly stranded escaped convicts. Soon, the cursed castaways are attacked by amphibious monsters, the work of Professor Ernest Marvin, a disgraced American biologist who has tampered with genetics to create an army of "fishmen". Professor Marvin controls the creatures and has been using them to plunder a submerged city of gold that he believes to be the lost city of Atlantis. But the natives are restless and the fishmen are slowly, surely beginning to hatch their own plans.

Starring legendary actors Joseph Cotton (CITIZEN KANE, THE HELLBENDERS), Richard Johnson (ZOMBIE, THE HAUNTING) and comely "Bond girl" Barbara Bach (THE SPY WHO LOVED ME), ISLAND OF THE FISHMEN was originally released twice to American theaters in the early '80s via Roger Corman's New World pictures, first as SOMETHING WAITS IN THE DARK and then in a radically altered version called SCREAMERS. Full Moon is thrilled to be presenting Martino's magnum opus in its completely uncut original form for the first time in North America in a gorgeously remastered transfer from the original 35mm negative.

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