• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol 159

Full Moon Features is premiering a brand new category on the channel this week called Mondo Full Moon, an exciting wild card grab bag filled to the popping point with cool, weird and esoteric, documentaries, viral videos, behind-the-scenes content, interviews and much, much more!

Among the neat new programs appearing on Mondo Full Moon this week:


Movie culture site takes a loving look at the history of Full Moon's most famous franchises!


Full Moon founder Charles Band holds court at the 2021 Chicago Flashback Weekend, spinning yarns and spilling secrets to an audience that's ready to rock!

BABY OOPSIE: Libbie Higgins

Comedian and viral video sensation Libbie Higgins talks about her role as Sybil Pittman in BABY OOPSIE!

BABY OOPSIE: Marilyn Bass

Baby Oopsie co-star Marilyn Bass tells all about the making of this contemporary Full Moon classic!


Check out Mike Diva's gonzo grindhouse megamix, with a blow-out cavalcade of freaky clips from the trashiest movies out there!

BABY OOPSIE: Lynn McPherson

Hang out with the hilarious Lynn McPherson as she gushes about her days doing battle with the demonic Baby Oopsie!

Mondo Full Moon will be updated often with new stuff, so keep checking back to see what you've missed. And stay tuned for even more Full Moon Features films and series coming soon to the channel, like the killer second chapter of BABY OOPSIE (coming August 27th!), rare and uncut 70s European genre and exploitation movies, newly licensed horror films from around the globe and much more!