• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol 158

Director William Butler's BABY OOPSIE: CHAPTER ONE premiered on Full Moon Features last Friday and fans are freaking out!

This all-new, all- deranged and totally subversive entry in the DEMONIC TOYS franchise stars comedian and viral video sensation Libbie Higgins and delivers the sort of crazy killer doll kicks you crave.

In case you missed it, we're THRILLED to give you a taste of the film with the CLIP BELOW showing Higgins' lonely and beaten down doll mechanic Sybill Pittman working on bringing the dreaded Baby Oopsie back to life...something the lady will soon live to regret!

BABY OOPSIE: CHAPTER ONE is streaming now on Full Moon Features and will hit Full Moon's Amazon Prime channel next week, with the second chapter to follow on August 27th. You do NOT want to miss the movie the critics are calling the "craziest Full Moon flick in years!".