• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol. 151

From the wild minds that gave you FEMALIEN: COSMIC CRUSH comes director Lindsey Schmitz's sexy and strange erotic comedy fantasy romp CASSEX!

CASSEX is a bold new film based on an un-filmed Charles Band Empire Pictures project. from the 1980s. Filmed in and around the Las Vegas area last month, CASSEX is set to light Full Moon Features on FIRE starting this Friday (6/18), with the second of two installments premiering next Friday (7/2). Both chapters will subsequently launch on Full Moon's Amazon Prime channel.

Schmitz's retro analog odyssey CASSEX tells the tale of a married couple who dig up a dirty home movie from the eighties. The vivacious VHS not only spices up their love life, but transports them to an erotic dimension of danger and seduction ruled by a legendary eighties porn star. As the couple navigates their increasingly fractured reality, the lines between the real world and fantasy become blurred. Is it real, or is it CASSEX?

Packed with nudity, laughs and weird bravado, CASSEX stars Lexi Luna, Jayden Cole, Anna Claire Clouds, Jazmin Luv and Lauren Phillips and is only the first in a series of cheeky adventures planned in the CASSEX series. This Friday, cuddle up with someone you love (or even just kinda like) and get ready to enter a new dimension of carnal curiosities in CASSEX!