• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol. 150

Full Moon fans are well aware of the ways in which founder Charles Band has combed the globe looking for awesome places to make movies. From the old Dino De Laurentiis studios in Rome where Band's iconic Empire Pictures once called home, to Band's sprawling Italian castle where FM classics like PIT AND THE PENDULUM and CASTLE FREAK were shot, to the company's station in Romania (where SUBSPECIES and other beloved pictures were lensed). Now, we can add Cleveland, Ohio to that list.

Yes...Cleveland, Ohio!

Thanks to a recent article in Cleveland's Akron Beach Journal newspaper, the creepy cat is out of the bag and we can finally announce that the Full Moon Manor is ALIVE! Band has bought a massive house on Fairmount Boulevard and over the last few months has been quietly turning it into a deluxe studio, a bid to both revive Cleveland's filmmaking community and make an intended movie every month in and around the sprawling estate. The first picture just wrapped, in fact. Director William Butler's DEMONIC TOYS spin-off BABY OOPSIE is in the can and set to release exclusively on Full Moon Features as well as Full Moon's Amazon channel next month.

Learn more about Full Moon's exciting move to make Cleveland the epicenter of awesome indie genre cinema HERE and stay tuned for more amazing news about the next wave of movies to come!