• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol 149

After falling out of print, Full Moon is THRILLED to be bringing back Alfonso Brescia's obscure 1972 Italian Giallo thriller NAKED GIRL MURDERED IN THE PARK in an even BETTER edition on Blu-ray and DVD!

Previously available from Full Moon in an English language dubbed cut, this serpentine Eurohorror mystery will now be available in a pristine new transfer from the original 35mm camera negative (including the addition of a handful of scenes not present in our previous English version) and with its original Italian audio track (with English subtitles).

When a millionaire is found dead in a rickety amusement park ride, his less-than-savory family stands to inherit his fortune. Naturally, the insurance company investigates, setting forth a serpentine series of double-dealings, secrets revealed...and gruesome murder! Once the titular deceased (and indeed, naked) dame shows up, all bets are off as twists follow turns, throats are cut and bodies brutalized, climaxing in a carnage filled carnival finale.

Starring such Eurogenre talents as Robert Hoffman (A BLACK VEIL FOR LISA, SPASMO). Irina Demick (Richardo Freda's TRAGIC CEREMONY) and Adolfo Ceri (Maria Bava's DANGER: DIABOLIK) and featuring a sensual score by Carlo Savina (Bava's LISA AND THE DEVIL) NAKED GIRL MURDERED IN THE PARK is a great chiller and we're excited to bringing it BACK to you in an even more awesome edition!

Available June 7th at Full Moon Direct!