• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol 148

Back in 1974, way before Full Moon was Full Moon, our founding father Charles Band first tried his luck making movies with the riotous low budget sex comedy LAST FOXTROT IN BURBANK, a virtual note-for-note spoof of Bernardo Bertolucci's arthouse smash LAST TANGO IN PARIS. Starring Michael Pataki (DRACULA'S DOG, GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE, THE RETURN OF COUNT YORGA) in the Brando role, directed by Charles Band and edited under a "nom-de-plume" by future genre icon John Carpenter, the film - much like the on-screen characters - came and went and Band's career in cinema almost stopped before it started.

Such a creative and financial misstep was FOXTROT that Band rarely - if ever - opts to speak on it, instead usually citing his next and first successful film, 1976's MANSION OF THE DOOMED, as his maiden cinematic voyage. Besides, FOXTROT is widely considered a "lost" film, with nary a trace of any video evidence of the picture ever even existing anywhere since it first faded into dirty obscurity.


Recently, noted screenwriter and Full Moon friend Larry Karaszewski (ED WOOD, BIG EYES, DOLEMITE IS MY NAME), himself a collector of movie arcana, found a battered 35mm trailer for LAST FOXTROT IN BURBANK. Taking the grimy, vinegary and warped film and digitally remastering it, Larry joined forces with Joe Dante for Dante's TRAILERS FROM HELL series and proudly re-presented the outrageous teaser as a TFH episode.

You can check out that trailer and Larry's mini-masterclass HERE.

Get ready for a ludicrous, wholly '70s, reaction trailer featuring appearances by GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE and END OF THE WORLD director John Hayes, Charles and Richard Band, Lance Henriksen and FREAKS, DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN and MAD MAX: BEYOND THUNDERDOME legend Angelo Rossitto among many others.

And how about the film itself? Well, we have an intrepid crew of weird movie sleuths on the case in hopes of finding a print. If you have any leads....drop us a line at! The world just MIGHT be ready to finally see LAST FOXTROT IN BURBANK in all its ill-conceived, scatalogical, silly '70s sexploitation glory!